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Lord of the Wind 2016 - Day 3

Posted: Sat Jan 16, 2016 10:34 pm
by Toby
Lord of the Wind 2016 - Day 3
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Lord of the Wind is an event packed with unique character and a tremendous amount of energy. The positive energy is reflected along the beach and Chris Ernst, a pioneer of the sport, and Grom Gromley, a central figure of kite events in North America, know well how to bring the spirit to life!

Today the event goes Big, as the Big Air discipline featured some of the top names. Showmen each and every one, they delivered some amazing aerial manoeuvres to each make credible bids for the title. A “go-for-broke” approach for flying man Julien Kerneur who stole the show in the Men’s Big Air competition, with some unbelievable tricks.

In the Kite Foil Championship, Joey Pasquali’s run of wins continues untainted and he now counts 12 victories to his credit. Anything can happen, but if his form continues it looks likely the title will be in his hands. Despite an all top-3 scoreline, France’s Julien Kerneur sits on a significant points gap to his American rival. Third placed Nicol Landauer is also showing superior form.

No event would run without volunteers, and here the talented shoreside and on-water teams help to make this event something special. Their commitment and hospitality shines through.

The end of the day and all riders were relaxing back on the beach - ready to enjoy some party moments in reggae style!