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Got some ready to buy gear

Posted: Sat Oct 01, 2016 4:57 pm
by perrysplus
Guy guys (and Gals),

I live in NW Florida where the wind is relatively light, I am a bit bigger at 230lbs and looking to get out there on the cheap if possible. I have shopped and shopped around for a decent kite with bar to get me started. I have located a few 2007/08 Best Waroo kites that are in good condition with the bar and lines for sub $200. Should I not even consider these? I took my lesson on the 2016 BEST Roca (17m) and really liked it but my instructor seems to think that a smaller kite would be good to start out on as the winds around here are going to be picking up as we move into the winter season. He has also offered to sell me the kite I was learning on with a bar/lines for $1000. Doesn't sounds all that bad but the problem is being so new, I don't even know what I do and do not like when it comes to a kite.
So, what do you guys think? Should I pull the trigger on a cheap 2007 kite? here:
I have heard some concerns on depower on this early kites and glue issues on the valves (getting old and all). Also, can this kite really take the beating I am going to give it while learning? Of course, I can always fix a busted bladder I suppose.

Also there was this 2015 Kawaii Freeride 15m kite for less than $500: ... EBIDX%3AIT
I cannot find anything on the Kawaii brand, this worries me lol.

Good lord, so many options but armed with the internet and you guys, hopefully I can make a decent decision.
Thanks in advance.

Re: Got some ready to buy gear

Posted: Sat Oct 01, 2016 5:26 pm
by foilonfoil
2007 is way too old. Should be looking for something 2012 or newer. Even if its in perfect conditions, bladder and valves (adhesives) will likely be shot.