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Rebel Airstyle 18m

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Rebel Airstyle 18m

Postby Zkatez » Sun Apr 05, 2015 8:42 pm

I had a couple of runs on the 18, before it had to go back to shop. I would like to know how others have experienced the kite for Airstyle.

This is what I noticed. I compare the Rebel to my Dyno 18m.
Kite seemed to act different each time. Turbulant Wind and watercondition did changes quickly when I was testing. first run I thought it had lots of power and barpressure. But later it seemed okee.
Kite looks to be made for highend, hight and hang not so impressive with less wind or not so flat water.
lots of power at 12 . great for transitions. I had great hight on b-offs transition..wauw. But only when it stays moving. When I try tiptouch of beach it had no power? I think because it needs movement through the sky. When it slows down it does not have the power on demand the Dyno has. (Pull in the bar and there is always power.) Its slow in the initiation of turning. Slow acceleration out of standing still position, once it starts picking up speed ..oeff.. picks up power quick.
Also steering kite up for jumping and redirect when coming down is slow to me.
Fast on reach. With strong wind jumping impressive. R. can be nervous on the bar. The directness of the rebel charkteristic, but in turbulent wind, you can feel the bar moving from left to right ...... When wind picked up and I had depower al the way in (strap and arms) the power was very on - off. Dyno smoother.

For now dyno feels saver to me, bigger sweetspot/windrange, dyno less highend, more static grunt,

Feel I need smaller board with this rebel. Might need the new flyboard s, (How do you like it W-ozzy, do you notice less low end?)

My quess is that most of these points will come down to thick LE, more profile. Rebel is big, gets a lot of depower through the 8 or 10 attatchmentpoint on LE. And is producing real good lift and hang with real wind. Is the Rebel more like the Edge maybe? Need to fly it more. I don't know the Edge.

Is it better for lighter persons? I dont know yet. I will use it in higher windspeeds then the dyno. More challenging, more difficult to progress. So far I miss the power in lower winds and the static grunt that makes so many tricks playfull.

Anybody else with experiences, with Airstyle.

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