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Need gear recommendations please :-)

Posted: Sat Apr 29, 2017 4:27 pm
by alonn6
Hey every1,

I need some recommendations for suitable gear to start with some Airstyle.

I am 180cm high, and weigh 85kg.
Usually, i ride in a 14 - 30 knots day, with choppy - onshore waves water.

1- KITE: By reading other posts and comments, i realize that its preffered that i will get a slow big kite with good hangtime.
For my weight and the weather conditions that i mentioned, which kites (and sizes) would u tell me to get?

2- BAR: I have seen here in the forum that a short bar is most prefered. Why is that? Is the north wakestyle bar good?

3- BOARD: Recommendations please!

Thank you! :D

Re: Need gear recommendations please :-)

Posted: Sat Apr 29, 2017 11:04 pm
by Toby
Hard to say these days which gear is good.
No brand really, besides Flysurfer, pushes Airstyle.

There is gear good for it, but most of them are too fast turning.
To go against that, a shorter bar and longer lines does help to get the kite slower.

But, try to use a bigger kite in lighter wind and then start to use it in more and more wind.

A shorter bar makes the kite turn slower.

No ideas about boards...important is not too light, big straps and a good handle (the best you will get on

Go and test if you can, kite and board and see what feels best for you!