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Tuto Kiteboarding - Double Backloop - Tips & Tricks

Posted: Mon Jul 03, 2017 6:11 pm
by Toby
Tuto Kiteboarding - Double Backloop - Tips & Tricks

Today I’m going to kite at « The Marais » in the Ré island, my earldom, and I will show you a double backloop with the rotation made completely different way. The idea is make 2 rotations upside down. For that, you lust take your kite highter to get sustenance and take rotate with your head in direction of your board. You take its in Indy Grad : instead of turning the head on 360°, you’re going to send your head in the middle of your board (like Indy Grab) with your back hand. You will see it’s really wake style but hockey so available to everyone.

Something really important: you do not refuse the second rotation, otherwise that make a small face break.
You can see it’s change completley the tricks. It’s really cool, and you can adapt it all the operations. It’s enough to change its impulse, to change its looks and the rotation is completely differently made. Don’t hesitate, hope you’ll succeed and even if you will crash, you can post your videos on the Takoon Kiteboarding Facebook Page, or mine Hugo Guias Kitesurf, and for the next we’ll try total unhooked with a mob in the end for reception. See you soon

Hugo Guias