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how to do these 2 tricks?

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how to do these 2 tricks?

Postby kitenight » Tue Aug 18, 2015 11:19 pm

I just started kiting this season and I am now very comfortable tacking upwind, boosting the kite and controlling the landing and riding on my toe side edge unhooked. I have watched a lot of kite videos as I'm sure you all have and there are 2 tricks I really want to try but I'm not entirely sure how start. the first trick is at the very beginning of this video where he is riding with the nose/tail end of the board in the water. I am assuming to initiate this trick you would start by riding toe sideb and then rock back onto your back foot digging the tail into the water and holding it on edge. am I right? The next trick is in the video at 8:24 where he lays flat and drags his hand in the water while the kite holds him in the air. For this trick I am assuming you would slowly steer the kite to 12oclock as you start to lay out and then pull in the bar slowly to increase power so the kite holds you in the air but doesn't pull you off the water. I have looked all over youtube for someone to explain how to do these tricks but I can't find them so I figured someone here could explain or maybe knows of a video that I didn't find.

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Re: how to do these 2 tricks?

Postby edt » Tue Aug 18, 2015 11:34 pm

toby can u move this to airstyle?

kite there is nothing to a butter slide which is the first trick you describe. dont really need a tutorial for it, once you get a tiny bit more experience just try to hold the tail (or nose) down in the water. remember to take your fins off for this trick.

the second trick is called a backroll hand drag, lots of tutorials for it, i prefer to do this trick using a low kiteloop, it's an intermediate trick so you want to perfect backrolls, jumps, and low kiteloops before you are ready for it. Toby does hand drags without a kiteloop but it's more difficult to do it that way than with a kiteloop.

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