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Modify bridle Naish Dash

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Modify bridle Naish Dash

Postby mi68guel » Wed Sep 05, 2018 6:20 pm

I would like to use a 5th line bridle in my Naish Dash 12. The reason is the kite flying back in the window and the tendency to bakstall when frontlines are slacked .I previously used a Naish Park 14m and it’s easier for passing the bar and it’s more stable.
I tried to get from the dealer the bridle size because it has a tendency to backstall even with tension on the frontlines only. This kite doesn’t fly properly with all 4 lines at equal length. I was suspecting a defect in the bridle but Naish is not publishing the original size as Ozone does. I measured all bridle’s parts and they are even, and I checked front and backlines for stretch but they are in perfect condition.
Making a custom bridle is difficult and I can’t find any document about kite bridles design.
Anybody has information about making a custom bridle for wakestyle tricks or how the designers know where to attach the bridles lines. As far as I know A bridle is 80% of how the kite flies, way more than kite design itself.


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