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Blade Trigger Package = SBC's Skill Building Kite of th Year

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Blade Trigger Package = SBC's Skill Building Kite of th Year

Postby KitePaddleSurf » Sat May 19, 2012 8:05 pm

Hopefully by now, you have heard about Blade. This is an Isreali based company that has been offering kites in the Euro market since 2006, and has just recently entered the US Market, where it is now distributed from right here in the Pacific Northwest.


What is it that sets this kite apart from the rest of the kites on the market? In my opinion, its performance to dollar ratio is the best of any 2012 kite out there. This is a great kite from anyone from a rank beginner, all the way to an advanced rider looking to work on pushing their skills. Why? This kite is built around allowing you to progress as a rider. It is fast, but not too fast to manage. It is stable so that it doesn't fall from the sky, but if you do crash it, it is super easy to relaunch. The 3 strut design of this kite keeps it light and lively, yet we have been impressed with the durability that the 2012 Trigger has demonstrated in the past winter of riding.

SBC named this the 2012 Skill Building Kite of 2012. If you want to get better at kiteboarding, you should seriously consider taking a look at this kite. This independent of your current ability level... As a seasoned 10+ year rider, I have been able to learn how to do new tricks ( Railey to Blind... and Double Kiteloops) because if this kites great kite feel and handling.

Check out the review yourself here ... ws_id=1853 and let us know if you want to get on one to try it out.

For those of you just getting started, we are offering a getting started package that includes the Kite and Bar, A board, and harness.... starting at $1499)

Check out the package deal here ... ackage.htm and let us help you get progressing as a rider in some of the best learning conditions on the West Coast.



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