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Slingshot Demo kites - All must order coming

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Slingshot Demo kites - All must order coming

Postby toyletbowl » Sat Mar 28, 2020 7:43 pm

We have a huge supply of 2020 Slingshot demo kites coming in soon and need to clear out everything to make room.

Even 2020 demo kites are being sold. Why selling those? The order coming soon has new the demos coming.

Here is a list and ratings:

A+ = Excellent condition. Used 1 or 2 times
A = Excellent condition. Hardly used. Used up to 5 times.
B = Very good condition.
C = Good condition.

Slingshot Demo kites:

2018 SST 4m = $399.....A+
2018 SST 6m = $449.....B
2018 SST 10m = $549.....B
2018 SST 12m = $549.....A

2019 SST 8m = $599.....A
2019 SST 10m = $649.....A

2019 Turbine 13m = $849.....A+
2019 Turbine 15m = $899.....A+

2017 Turbine 17m = $649.....A
2017 Turbine 19m = $699.....A

2018 Rally 6m = $599.....C

2019 Rally 14m = $749.....A

2020 Rally GT 6m = $699.....A+
2020 Rally GT 9m = $799.....A+
2020 Rally GT 12m = $899.....A+
2020 Rally GT 14m = $899.....A+

2020 Raptor 6m = $749.....A+
2020 Raptor 8m = $799.....A+
2020 Raptor 10m = $849.....A+
2020 Raptor 12m = $799.....A (Repaired. Kite used once, but hit a post upon landing. Repaired by Airtime kites).

Thanks for looking.

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