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Re: twin tip hydrofoil

Posted: Sun Feb 22, 2015 9:36 am
by revhed
Probably the only reason I am working on a TT, BD KBHF is thanks to Jedi master FK24 who gave me one of his very old protos to be reworked, because he knew I would throw my ideas and work at it to see if it is possible to come up with something fun?
And having flown his there is potential with experimentation, maybe?
I see the problem is similar to canard airplanes, most diffiucult to dial in! Unstable by nature.
I do not see a TT, BD KBHF being easyer to fly than a DR, maybe I am wrong?
This is just another project challenge for me to think about and work on because it is winter.
As for HW, no comment.
We will also try 2 wings and only 1, who knows?
I fully expect that even with lots of tuning and a purpose designed TT board that it will turn out to be a very limited toy.
This concept is not new, a few well funded guys have tried and given up like I probably will do, but just need to see for myself.
Maybe not? But it should be fun to find out?
Good luck.