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Hydrofoil during CFD analysis

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Re: Hydrofoil during CFD analysis

Postby Hunqi » Tue Mar 10, 2015 2:40 am

jb92563 wrote:Has anyone tried to design a canard layout, with the small stabilizing wing ahead of the bigger main wing.

There would be less flow disruption if you stagger the main wing and the stabilizing wing would be in clear flow and result in an easier more stable ride as speed increases.

It would require more weight on the rear leg vs the front which is more like what kite surfers are used to instead of the opposite as current designs.

Also if you hit something, the smaller cheaper wing takes the damage potentially saving the main wing from damage.

Seems like the current designs are backwards.

Just pondering improvements/evolution.
I agree and hard to believe nobody made a prototype yet :thumb:
Three is a link which is telling us the canard advantages and disadvantages
but even most of the disadvantages would be advantage in the case of KBHF: :idea: ... nard-wings

It clearly indicates that the canard would be better for tighter, faster turns and in light winds also.


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Re: Hydrofoil during CFD analysis

Postby revhed » Tue Mar 10, 2015 10:33 am

Hunqi wrote:I agree and hard to believe nobody made a prototype yet :thumb:
From wiki,
To achieve this stability, the change in canard lift coefficient with angle of attack (lift coefficient slope) should be less than that for the main plane.
If I understand this and it is true or close to being, then the fixed wing connections that present day KBHFs have would not fly well?
I have never had the chance to test fly one but have heard several times from different sources that they are very unstable.
Maybe in the future?

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