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KFA MK3 Review

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KFA MK3 Review

Postby dusta » Tue Mar 24, 2015 3:02 am

This review is not mine but taken from Seabreeze in aust .

Rider: intermediate/advanced
Style: Foil Build Quality: 10/10
Satisfaction: 10/10
Disclosure:Team rider for KFA

In this review I will be comparing the production KFA MK3 to the prototype KFA MK3 which I have spent the most time on and the Spotz 2 foil with race wings which I have had a few goes on. The main difference between the production KFA MK3 and the prototype KFA MK3 is the longer fuselage of the production KFA, the male and female connect point of the rear wing of the production KFA rather than the cup and wing connector system as seen on previous KFA models. The last difference between the two models is the tail tracking fin on the prototype.

Let me start off by saying I absolutely love my prototype KFA MK3, its super stiff (mast double the stiffness than the Sword 1*), smooth and I can already do foiling gybes on it after a month, but I would much rather use a production KFA MK3, its smoother, more stable, easier to foil tack and foil gybe (I am so much closer at foil tacking with the production KFA rather than the prototype) due to the longer fuselage and what feels like less drag due to (what I think) is a better rear wing connection and no tail tracking fin (which does not work). A lot of racers will think that the longer fuselage is just extra drag, while yes there may be a little bit more drag(insignificant IMO), it is well worth it for the extra stability! Stacking 1 gybe will cost you more than a fraction of drag. The international foil racing community at the moment thinks the Spotz2 with the “Nico wings” are the best, I however disagree.

The production KFA MK3 has a stiffer mast, is better built, more stable and easier to tack and gybe. When I lined up against a more experienced spotz2 rider both on 10m kites, I was able to point higher and go at similar speeds, while downwind I feel my lack of experience was the let down rather than the foil, thus the Spotz2 rider was able to point a tad lower than me at similar speeds. Something that was very interesting when I lined up against the Spotz2 rider was that I am much closer at performing foil tacks after my first 3 weeks on the KFA MK3 (both proto and production) than the Spotz 2 rider after having his foil for 6 months and now I can foil gybe (sometimes) and he cant, confirming my thoughts that the KFA MK3 is easy to tack and gybe on. So summing up, the production KFA MK3 is a really nice foil, it was designed to be really easy and really fast and I think KFA absolutely nailed this. *KFA measured 11mm deflection under 27 kgm of torque vs Sword 1 at 22mm of deflection under the exact same torque. The first three pictures are the proto MK3 and the last 3 pictures are the production MK3

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Re: KFA MK3 Review

Postby SparD » Thu Mar 26, 2015 11:53 am

So if this foil is better than Spotz 2, is anyone using it at the gold cup in la ventana ?

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Re: KFA MK3 Review

Postby davesails7 » Fri Mar 27, 2015 3:15 am

SparD wrote:So if this foil is better than Spotz 2, is anyone using it at the gold cup in la ventana ?
The KFA website lists Riccardo Leccese as a team rider. He's in 9th in the Gold Fleet right now after only starting foiling 2 months ago. Is he riding a KFA in the race? The results don't list a foil for him in the sponsors column.

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Re: KFA MK3 Review

Postby Tfcm » Fri Mar 27, 2015 3:40 am

I think KFA had some production delays and instead of sending the sponsored guys there foils KFA has sent foils to the paying customers first.. Marvin would have been riding one at Mexico but is injured and noone else with onr was plannig to go.

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