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Preferred kite for light wind hydrofoiling

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Re: Preferred kite for light wind hydrofoiling

Postby Stefan » Wed Apr 27, 2016 9:15 pm

No, must say that around here noone uses 14 or 15m2 LEI kites, no matter if light, way too clumsy and almost useless....

12m2 max, and if more is needed, it is only foilkites no matter if freerider or racer :thumb:

If average weight 75-80 kg that is.

So 10-12m2 LEI is my choice in 9 knots (got an 11 LEI and now testing a 12m2 light LEI), a bit longer lines as said - and not the smallest wing.

A bigger light LEI kite for me, is something slightly more than the 9m2 which works down to 9 knots only for me....

8) Peter[/quote]

I agree 100% ... LEI kites over a certain size become a liability because of weight, 10 is the biggest I will fly at my weight even in waves on a surfboard. (184 lb)s Peter have you flown the Chrono 11 meter?

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