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I don't like conventional kiteboarding anymore.

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Re: I don't like conventional kiteboarding anymore.

Postby plummet » Tue May 17, 2016 11:27 pm

alexrider wrote:
plummet wrote: ... Mountain biking and kiting are equal standing...
That's just like saying dwarf tossing and kiting are on equal standing. :roll: :roll: :roll:
I have never tried dwarf tossing. I'm sure the are dwarf tossers out there that prefer it to both kiting and biking.

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Horst Sergio
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Re: I don't like conventional kiteboarding anymore.

Postby Horst Sergio » Wed May 18, 2016 1:35 am

Agree and understand most points of Toby, plummet and Peter Frank.

My point to keep just foiling is that I am not in a place with good wind conditions and flat water, but looking for the most multi-functional enjoyable water vehicle which can be described with just one nearly perfect run, last week:


1. Originally just wanted to do a little island slalom this day, as I was still a little bit sick but the northeast was to good to not try.
-> Good luck, decided to go with the foil....
2. Reaching the starting point in the South-West, it was blocked by sunbather, so I decided to swim 200 m offshore to point "0" and launch the foil-kite there to not disturb anybody.
-> Would have been possible with a high-volume wave or race board but not so easy with a twintip.
3. After the first meters I spotted a big flying catamaran and did a spontaneous race till the Lee of the big island, which was already a bit crazy to slalom 100th of other boats going over 40 km/h especially for the catamaran
-> Don't thing any other vehicle would have been competitive with this awesome catamaran, but the levitaz foil was
4. Finding myself already in the Lee of the island I decided not to circle the island the (simple) anti-clockwise but the much more experimental clockwise
-> The only vehicle able to go upwind in the very narrow and difficult wind situation behind the islands are motorboots, sailboats and maybe dagger-board-windsurfers taking 1 hour or more...
5. Finished my island slalom I spotted the first other kites 3 km upwind, so I crossed the lake upwind while sitting relaxed on the foil and met the others to do some freestyle (backflips, 360, big air, superman-tries, ...)
-> Any other board to go upwind and fun to freestyle?
6. Decided to go directly back to starting point, reaching the big island I spotted the guys with the catamaran once again ... and succsesfully had to show them, that the levitaz will beat them not just downwind but also upwind.
-> Ones again just race-foils competitive
7. As, after that I found my self once again far windwards of the island, decided to take once again the challenging route behind the island, once again sitting on the foil a big part as already a bit tired.
-> Also with a race board possible: But a professional kiter who tried this (easy) direction had to relaunch at least once in the lee of the big island. The foil just hopes from one gust to next crossing the lulls.
8. Back to the starting point I found once again other kiters arrived with the increasing wind. With the last forces boosted some really nice high jumps in around 20 knt to have a close up check of the others canopies :)
-> First time with the foil I am pretty sure I wouldn't have been able with any other kite or board to jump such high in this condition.
9. Turned back to the now sunbather free landing place and landed very relaxed my 9 m² while others with 17 m² had to come back with more stress to switch to smaller kites..
-> Never had any adrenalin to start and land a well powered kite for foil boarding like all the years with twintips before.
10. And not to forget to talk about the beer and the fish Sandwich afterwards at the local sailing club... In total I had more than 1/2 h of friendly questions of what crazy vehicle is it and may we take a photo ... and so on ..
-> With a normal kiteboard the feeling of many sailing-club-men could have been a bit more like: Please don't tangle your lines in our masts and go away...

...and also the sickness went away ...

All thanks to the FOIL :D


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Re: I don't like conventional kiteboarding anymore.

Postby airsurfer » Wed May 18, 2016 2:55 am

Nice story Horst wishave we had some video of that. I can't wait to get to your level of foiling

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