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Looking for a good kite for Foiling, any tips?

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Re: Looking for a good kite for Foiling, any tips?

Postby pitbulldoug » Tue May 16, 2017 3:25 am

I have been using naish trips 12,10,8m for past couple years for foiling very good kites for freestyle ocean wave/swell riding and this past year stepped up to last years Cloud 8.5m and 5.5 which are awesome foiling kites,really like the 5.5 my favorite foiling kite.I also recently picked up a used good shape 9m north mono which i really like as well.Im currently selling my trips,and have my eye on the new naish one strut boxer looking forward to trying it mentioned in previous post the only real drawback of strutless kites is relaunch in the waves can be a bitch if they get washed in the surf zone,but realistically so can a strutted kite as well.

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Re: Looking for a good kite for Foiling, any tips?

Postby hshim007 » Tue May 16, 2017 4:28 pm

I've tried a bunch of strutted kites. They're all very similar and very good at what they were originally designed for; boosting, going really fast on a twin tip or race board. Foiling is a completely different style of kiting. Just like surfing requires a kite that can get you out of the impact zone but at the same time drift when you're on the wave, a foil kite (at least for freestyle) requires the kite to have superior drift and depower so you don't hurt yourself. I've ridden every version of the Greg Drexler's Cloud kites and I can easily say that every generation is amazingly better than the last. Most manufacturers now a days simply change their graphics. Greg is taking the freestyle kite foiling to a completely new dimension with his designs. I'm waiting on my D kites but the C5's were absolutely amazing. Looking forward to the next gen.

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