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Review: Sync and Sync-RR

Posted: Sun Jan 07, 2018 12:57 am
by Laszlo Karai

From the dictionary:
SYNC: 1. coupling different parts to work or move together
2. harmony or harmonious relationship

Design goals: to create hydrofoil specific boards that make the best connection between rider, foil and the water. It is there when you need it and disappears when you don’t. There are many excellent hydrofoil designs out there. The new frontier is a board that allows foils to shine and be ridden to their fullest potential. The Sync-RR and the Sync are the first generation of these special boards.
Bit of history: This is the 3rd generation of a design project between Temavento Race Engineering and Kite-Hydrofoil Miami, Inc. We are excited to announce the arrival of two new boards: the Sync and the Sync-RR. These are the first boards coming into production. Minor customization is possible, like color, pads, plug placement for extra fee.

The SYNC (freestyle, strapless, wave)
This is our minimalist and maximalist freestyle/strapless/wave design. Minimalist, as we started from a “pocket board” concept, so the weight and the dimensions were kept as low as possible (about 2kg and 123x46cm, about 4”x1’16”). It is actually, smaller and lighter than a regular twintip board). Maximalist as it allows to ride out all the performance your foil has. It is called Sync, because with the small weight and the short length we practically eliminated the swing weight of the board from the equitation and the rider feels connected directly with the foil and can sense the water underneath. The low inertia increases feedback, as rider directly drives the foil and does not have to compensate for the dead weight of the board making it superb for strapless. The smaller volume translates into a less “corky” body, so it sits a bit deeper in the water, which is ideal for strapless waterstarts. On the other hand, it is also easier to pull off any strapped tricks, especially rotationals. The minimal weight ensures board and foil control, so standard manuvers like jibes, tacks are more in control. Jumps are lofty and the small weight enables board off tricks. Re-entry after jumps is very soft and forgiving. Due to the small weight the board can be kept under the water and the rider can waterstart as on a regular twintip board. The Sync has a very generous rocker line combined with significant volume accentuated in the nose and the front of the board, which makes it float up and above the water surface. During touch downs this is can be tremendous help and will make the difference between a pulling off or not a trick. Pocket boards are unforgiving creatures in that regard as they tend to dive in/down to chop due to their straight bottom and small volume. The newly introduced double concaves work efficiently during touch downs as they help to avoid bouncing off the course giving the rider more in control sensation. The double concaves are also working great during strapless (and strapped in) waterstarts, as the center ridge bites into the water and provides a stabile platform to start on. The tail is tucked in (like race boards) to lessen impact during aggressive freestyle tricks or when riding at full speed with extreme angles on the side. The top of the board has a generous single concave and a slight ridge at the side to provide more feel, and dexterity. The rider can read the board without looking down. This feature comes handy during strapless and strapped in manuvers. The ridge can be easily grabbed for board off tricks. The plug options are sufficient, however, kept on the low side to minimize board weight. Jumps are effortless and lofty as you feel free and weightless in the air. The Sync is coming with a new 30cm rail system, which makes adjustability with all hydrofoils on the market. The boards are produced with NanoTech technology making the ride extra smooth by dampening vibration and increasing the longevity and the durability of the board. Every board is unique and coming with its individual QR code.

Pads are optional. The weightless nature of the board also comes handy when you carry it to or from the beach…

All these goodness is coming with a sexy, seductive and functional design, as well as with the legendary bomb proof construction of Temavento.

The SYNC-RR (Sync-RR: Race Ready, intermediate-advanced, racer)
The Sync-RR is a freeride/cruise/race board. We had aggressive intermediate and advanced riders in mind who want to maximize fun on the water and may consider training for race events. The weight and the dimensions are kept very similar (123x47cm), however, we added significantly more volume and distributed it along the entire length of the board (25l). (The Sync by comparison was kept as lean as possible). This made the RR much more buoyant and forgiving during touch downs. The Sync can go under the water (with a 70kg rider) during tacks or jibes, however, it rides up easily. The Sync-RR’s geometry and volume distribution does not even let the board go under the water, so although the size is small it behaves closely to boards with much larger size and volume. The more volume of the RR allowed more pronounced double concaves and even more directional stability. More volume also comes handy during jibes as it compensates for any rider’s mistake. The Sync-RR is the ultimate learning tool to drill in foot change, heelside toeside 180s or tacks. The deck is concave, however, it is less pronounced than the Sync’s, to ensure dexterity during the moves. The plug distribution allows the most sophisticated footstrap positions, adjustments and cover from single strapped option all the way to race stance. Strapless is possible, however, it is more tuned in with a riding style of fast runs, aggressive jibes, and tacks and giant jumps. The low swing weight of the board allows direct foot control through the straps, e.g.: rider can finish carves by pushing the nose into the direction wanted. We also noticed that the short outline of the board lets the rider to go on the downwind tacks with more control and comfort as there is a superb visualization of the waterline in front of the board. Again, this combined with the small inertia/weight lets the rider to compensate in a more efficient way, such as kicking the foil deeper or pulling it up when crossing waves. The RR enjoys freestyle too as it displaces more water and it is super easy to land jumps and backrolls, as it rides out with ease. The full tail design provides a stabile platform during underpowered conditions to get back on “flight mode” as soon as possible.
Strapless riding is OK on the RR, however, due to the more “corky” nature of the board it will sit a bit higher in the water (waterstarts) and has a slightly more swing weight compared to the Sync.
The narrow and chamfered tail enables for better water release upon race style riding.

All boards are produced with full carbon employing NanoTech technology and coming with individual QR codes. Pads are optional. The Sync-RR is coming with a distinctive and stunning look and the legendary design, construction and durability of Temavento gear.

For more info or to order yours please, contact us:

Re: Review: Sync and Sync-RR

Posted: Sun Jan 07, 2018 11:01 am
by Peter_Frank
Looking really good :thumb:

Albeit, I think the title should be "Presentation" instead of "Review".

Of course we all know that even individuals are often connected to a brand and shop also yes, but in this case it is pretty clear it cannot be introduced as a review as such, but must be a presentation:

Bit of history: This is the 3rd generation of a design project between Temavento Race Engineering and Kite-Hydrofoil Miami, Inc. We are excited to announce the arrival of two new boards: the Sync and the Sync-RR. These are the first boards coming into production. Minor customization is possible, like color, pads, plug placement for extra fee.

8) PF

Re: Review: Sync and Sync-RR

Posted: Sun Jan 07, 2018 12:29 pm
by Pedro Marcos
It even has a link to order :) someone is trying to skip some marketing costs :)

Re: Review: Sync and Sync-RR

Posted: Tue Jan 09, 2018 9:38 am
by pikovsg
It's a freaking amazing board. Best board I've ridden so far. Laszlo and Temavento deserve the full credit. I have the 1st and 2nd gen Sync, except slightly customized to have some concave on deck and less weight. Hard to ride anything else after this one.