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Carbon Hydrofoil with Alu mast options

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Carbon Hydrofoil with Alu mast options

Postby caps » Wed Feb 28, 2018 5:47 pm

I’m wondering if any of the carbon hydrofoil setups out there would accept any aluminum masts. I currently ride a SS Hoverglide that I love but am keen to upgrade to a carbon setup. It seems the additional short carbon masts cost upwards of $600-800 for the occasional shallow water spot. I could just keep my Hoverglide which has been awesome, but definitely heavy to travel with. Are there any nice carbon setups that would accommodate a cheap $80 alu mast for the once a year trip to a shallow spot, like SPI?

Pipe dream?


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Re: Carbon Hydrofoil with Alu mast options

Postby grigorib » Wed Feb 28, 2018 6:08 pm

Adapters are rare and unofficial of course. I saw a Hoverglide adapter to 2015/2016 Lift sold somewhere...
I recently measured Hoverglide mast match to Ghost Whisper fuselage and it would take getting the mast to a machine shop and milling a 15 degrees angle on each side of the mast to 13mm depth from the end to reach 9 mm thickness on thin end and 13mm on the thick end.
Or just doing it at home with a grinder.

But whether it’ll hold well enough when matched - I don’t know.

The trick is by the time you get a nice CNC made adapter it’ll cost you $200-$300 while a much lighter Moses short mast is around $700.

SPI is not fun to ride on any tall mast so I have my 71cm Moses mast and 42” (106cm) mast. Works perfect

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Re: Carbon Hydrofoil with Alu mast options

Postby Cdog » Wed Feb 28, 2018 7:27 pm

Check this out ... m.php?f=50
Not exactly what you're looking for maybe it's the start of aftermarket parts that we could use the lighten up are heavy foils

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