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Groove Skate

A forum dedicated to Hydrofoil riders
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Re: Groove Skate

Postby felixg » Thu Sep 27, 2018 6:31 pm

Hello everybody,

On my last vacation, on the way from Lake Santa Croce to Vieste, I bought the Groove Skate Foilboard directly from Michele. Both the visit to him and the board have geflashed me so that I wanted to tell you the whole story.

I have driven a relatively large Wuux board with a Levitaz Cruizer or Aspect. That's how I learned to foil. But now i wanted sth smaler. Unfortunately, the EXO was not available from Levitaz and I stumbled across the videos of Gunnar. While researching this Forum about the 120cm long Groove Skate I read a lot of positive things about the board and a lot of negative about the communication and delivery time of Groove.

Before we went to the Croce, I thought of, writing an email to Groove and ask if they have a skate available and if I can pick it up within the next week. They replied very quickly and answered all questions with a yes and asked me which color I would like. Then the day had come and we drove past Groove. The company is located in an industrial area, a bit hidden because the building is in the second row. When we were there, the boss himself was just shaping new prototypes of Race Foilboards and we had to wait a bit. But after 5 minutes then came Michele and gave us a warm welcome. He showed us around explained the whole compandy and different products. It was very impressive to see what they do (I have to admit, I did not even know Groove). He also showed us the latest prototypes for the raceboards and explains why he does what. It was very interesting. After he had me then completely assembled my new board, he gave my wife a ponsho and he has given us detailed tips on our further journey. It was kind as if we had known each other forever.

So, but now to the most important, arrived in Vieste, I could not wait to test the board. It feels incredibly valuable and is top quality.

The board has a pretty strong rocker line especially in the area of ​​the nose. I thought that the first meters would be very difficult, because I have never driven such a small board. The opposite was the case. The board was almost as easy to drive as my previous 160 cm Wuux board. Except that it goes much easier to fly, because it planes better and does not stick to the water. When flying, it is much more agile and much more fun. The board weighs completely with straps just under 3 kg. I have the slightly reinforced version with more strap positions and continuous rails to drive the very big wings.

It is very easy to sit on the board, as I exaggerated on the first ride and had to break down the kite in the water and swim back. It was very easy to sit with my slender 90 KG on the board. The only struggle for me is the foot-change. Since I have not made it flying but always been touching down on the water, I fight here again. The fact that the straps are so far forward, the board dives with the nose if the kite is not flown properly in the zenith and I go swimming. But that helps me getting out of the comfort zone to work on the Flying Jibe. If the board touches the water in waves, etc. for a short time, it just bounces off the water surface again and it's like nothing happened. I have also bought the nice bag for protection. The has a cut off section that fits the board even with mounted Foil.

Conclusion: I already love this little board, because it occupies much less storage space. The foiling is a whole lot more agile and except for the change of foot, it is just as easy or even easier than a 160 cm Wuux ship.
Best regards



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Re: Groove Skate

Postby ap888 » Fri Sep 28, 2018 3:02 am

Wanted a t38 but kept selling out...ordered a groove Skate glad I did cause I heard a lot about how fragile the t38 is... so excite :D :D

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