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Stormkite voyager lightspeed

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Pedro Marcos
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Re: Stormkite voyager lightspeed

Postby Pedro Marcos » Mon Jun 04, 2018 7:46 pm

TomW wrote:
Mon Jun 04, 2018 7:39 pm
Not sure, both the strutless and the one strut. I'm out on the hyperlink 9 in 10 knots no problem, they are too. Seen them out in 8 knots on the 15 storm.
8 knots its plently of wind when talking about foiling :)

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Re: Stormkite voyager lightspeed

Postby Peter_Frank » Mon Jun 04, 2018 9:57 pm

TomW wrote:
Mon Jun 04, 2018 7:26 pm
There is a local dealer here for Storm kites and him and at least one other foiler are using them in really light winds. They are out on 12 and 15 when another guy is struggling on his f-one 13 m foil, and I'm struggling with my 9M Hyperlink UL. So obviously they are pretty good kites. Reasonable price too.

If it is a "new" 15, it is the single small strut high AR one as the Limited edition does not exist in 15 m2 (but in 16 now).

The 12 can be both.

I think the 15 lightspeed starts early with an experienced rider, as it needs speed to have power - but not as easy and low end grunt like the strutless ones.

Have only talked to guys having ridden the lightspeed so dont know myself - except that it turns a lot slower and performs a lot better than the strutless.

For me, I have found that the 12 m2 Limited Edition with a lightwind hydrofoil, starts early maybe around 6-7 knots.

But the thing is, that it hangs in really low winds, and when too low to ride, I can not ride "safe" with a 12 m2 foilkite as it will, unless extremely stable winds, fold or crash if any mistakes out there - whereas the Limited Edition can be looped and saved a lot easier in sub marginal winds, so often avoiding a swim, and even if, it is quite pleasant compared to a foilkite, just drifting relaxed to shore without thinking about the mess and swimming and drying and getting sand off the kite, besides some untangling (but one gets used to this...)

The Cloud is even lighter and should everything else being equal (but it is not) hang even better - but of course a tad more fragile for overall use then.

But same thing applies - they work extremely practical in almost foiling conditons in every possible way :thumb:

Downside is, they dont have the same powerspike so you need more work and a good hydrofoil to get going :roll:

Would like to try a lightspeed 15 myself one day.

8) PF

PS: I dont know about the 2019 models, but I hope they come in 2019 and not like some other brands, almost over a year before ha haa :naughty:

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