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foil skills improve my TTip riding, wow!

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foil skills improve my TTip riding, wow!

Postby Foil » Sun Jul 29, 2018 8:06 am

For the first time in nearly 12 months, yesterday I was forced to use my TTip as the wind and wave combination was just to much for the foil, 36-40mph onshore winds with big messy waves up to the shoreline.
All my kites are now Reo's and the 8mtr was used to have the best ever TTip session of my last 19 years, being able to loop the kite in any situation on the waves to keep up with pushing sets was only possible due to last 12 months of learning how to do the same on the foil in all water states, as looping the kite on the foil one handed in gybes and fast downwind sessions are such fantastic sensations on the foil, you just have to master the kite loop skill to enjoy the thrill.
But having these skills and then finding it has transformed the way I use my TTip (which was being used more as a pretend wave board with tiny fins for a very skatey loose feel anyways) made for the best ever session which lasted for 5 hours until I was cramping up from the shear energy used in those conditions, even my jaw was cramping up due to smiling too much.
Using the sliding rope system on my harness was so much better as well for turning quickly to toeside on the waves as it enables me to look round so much better and spot the wave shapes behind me, I wish I had changed to a sliding rope system before taking up Foiling, in fact why have anything else unless your one of the few who needs to unhook.
So now my dusty TTip has at last been saved from the listings on ebay, and I am looking forward to some more high wind wave conditions.
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Re: foil skills improve my TTip riding, wow!

Postby Peert » Mon Jul 30, 2018 1:33 am

Nice read. Get the point. The stoke is shared to the reader. :thumb:

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Re: foil skills improve my TTip riding, wow!

Postby plummet » Mon Jul 30, 2018 11:19 am

My tt'ing has gotten worse. Why? I'm spending way less time on that board. Had a powered jumping session a week or so ago. My redirect timing was all out for the really big jumps.......

But I'm certainly a lot smoother carving on the wave face.

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Re: foil skills improve my TTip riding, wow!

Postby bragnouff » Tue Jul 31, 2018 10:45 am

I guess all the hours spent foiling teach you more about finesse, balance, power frugality, efficiency, (and...light wind relaunch) which are skills that are all somewhat transferable to other subdisciplines of kiting.
Foiling also contributes to having some freakin' strong legs, which will help you chomp some chop on your TT.

I think foiling opens you to the vast playground out there, and teaches you some interesting angles to the wind that are also worth exploring on other crafts. Obviously you won't go upwind like a foil, but going deep downwind on a TT, looping left and right is definitely super fun, and it can only be a good thing if foiling open your eyes on that dimension and takes you out of the back and forth standard trajectories that 90% of TT riders favor.
I had 10 years of extensive kite looping and carving on (carvable) Twin Tips before moving onto surfboards, then onto foils, so those skills and perspectives transferred naturally to the foiling, and not really the other way around, like suggested by the OP, but I can understand how it'd happen for some riders with different backgrounds.

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Re: foil skills improve my TTip riding, wow!

Postby jumptheshark » Tue Jul 31, 2018 12:46 pm

Can identify with this. Noticed it more on the surfboard, but a bit on TT too. Some of it is just the willingness to loop the kite in more situations, some of it is trimming the board better, but for some of it, its just the re found joy of getting to be a power pig. I freeride foil with small kites. Most of the time the lines are not very loaded. My TT set up is the opposite end of the spectrum with a pretty rockered board and C kite. We've had a week of wind here and its been nice to lay into the power and just send a wall of water up. Three days in the slick and my abs were toast! Had to go back to the foil to give em a break.

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