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? SS H4 wing-mounted mast-connection position... advice

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? SS H4 wing-mounted mast-connection position... advice

Postby MreeBored802 » Sat Aug 18, 2018 4:14 pm

There seems to be wide acceptance that the correct foil-board riding position is balanced (more or less?) directly over the Center Of Lift of the primary wing? If true, does this also apply to wings such as Slingshot's H4, where the mast is mounted directly into the wing (rather than into the fuselage behind the wing)?

As a beginner, I moved the mast to the rearmost position on the tracks and put two (center-line) foot straps in their respective forward-most positions (LF Happy Pill foil-board). Looking down at the H4 wing, it appears that my stance ends up centered in front of the wing by a couple inches.

I'm in the newbie 'rodeo phase,' trying to concentrate on keeping my weight forward on my front foot. My foil-riding kite-bro (using the same H4 wing) says I may need to move the mast forward 1-2" to compensate for where the mast is mounted into the wing and thereby come closer to straddling the lift of the H4 wing. This makes sense but keeping the board level with the surface is challenging as is (with mast all the way back) and it seems that lift will only increase if the mast/wing is moved forward :?:

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Re: ? SS H4 wing-mounted mast-connection position... advice

Postby Peter_Frank » Sat Aug 18, 2018 6:32 pm

Yes, it still stands that the balance point should be on top of the centre of lift, which is close to, but a bit in front of, the middle of the wing.

It does not matter if the mast is mounted further forward or rearward relative to the wing, in this respect.

But it changes the behaviour in turns hugely.

The stabilizer moves the balance point slightly forward, but very little impact, hardly noticeable.

You are right, lift will only increase if you move the mast forward.

BUT, if to far aft so you have to push with your rear foot to "keep" it up flying, it will be even more rodeo and difficult, so just a tad behind the balancing point would be the best for learning IMO, and later move it so you balance.

Just note, that you WILL rodeo like a maniac for a long long time when learning, and what seems impossible will click later :thumb:

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Re: ? SS H4 wing-mounted mast-connection position... advice

Postby macgruber » Sun Aug 19, 2018 12:05 am

I have the h4 on my SS Converter and you can see #1 on the board behind the plate. So almost all the way back. Even though the h4 is a super deep surf wing, I’ve been told that the back half isn’t providing lift, just glide. I have the h2 also and it has even more lift but isn’t as deep. Wider, more stable, and more pumpable than the h4

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Re: ? SS H4 wing-mounted mast-connection position... advice

Postby gl » Sun Aug 19, 2018 1:50 am

I use the H4 on a Slingshot Simulator board and have tried it both with the mast in the wing and mounted behind the wing on the fuselage. I much prefer it in on the fuselage. I find it seems to have much more lift and just easier for me to control. With it in that position. I definitely have my center of mass ahead of the wing center by 20 cm. at least and even more if I pick up much speed. I am not a highly skilled foiler but can fly without breaching and have good control over height and and direction. On my Shinn P foil I tend to stand as the others describe balanced over the wing. I am not sure why the H4 is different for me but standing ahead of the wing is working for me.

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