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A loooooooooooong wave ride.

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Re: A loooooooooooong wave ride.

Postby plummet » Wed Jan 09, 2019 11:16 am

Well from August to now is the time it has taken to get on another sensation wave/swell on the foil.

This time it was 15-20 cross off and I was on the 8m with some sensational swell line up around a point and into a bay for about 1km run of riding the swell in from point to beach. The wave was lazy and not really steep enough for the kite surfers or surfers. But it was just fine for foiling. I indulged in multi high speed down the line runs on the swell with big arse high speed carves on and off the swell face. On occasions i slowed to down and did some tight twisty stuff close to the pocket. But really that's not my jam. I sped back up and fanged at pace down the swell line.

A very cool session, Made cooler but the fact that I made very few stuff ups. Only a couple of jybing step offs. All the riding on the wave/swell at speed was crashless. I felt i was riding agressively without error.
For me, that is a big milestone. If I can ride aggressively with whiplash inducing smack downs then foiling becomes alot more enjoyable to me.

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