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About real small pocket boards < 1 m, benefits and limits

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Horst Sergio
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About real small pocket boards < 1 m, benefits and limits

Postby Horst Sergio » Mon Oct 15, 2018 9:36 pm

Last time I used 3 different real pocket no-nose-boards of
around 90 x 35 cm
and designed a further one. download/file.php?id=84845&mode=view

Here is what I learned and want to share:

First about the limits
The only relevant limit for me is, that the rider should be very safe doing flying tacks or jibes as < 1 m surface jibes are still possible but much harder than flying ones. Another disadvantage will be that you have to ride cleaner especially at higher speeds as touchdowns are possible, but not at the higher speeds and a small o better no stabi will be helpful to allow fast pitch reactions to prevent front food from cutting into the chop.
But thats it.
For sure also with a volume pocket you will have less volume, but still enough as long it is fat enough.

Significant disadvantage in low wind is a mythos, you may loose maximum 1 knt which is not to bad as it gives your kite one knot more to body drag you home when the wind dies. And for sure in the lowest lowend you can't combine a pocket board with a small wing and small kite, but as long at least one of the two is big the wing makes you flying right from the start or the looped kite just bombs you on your small wing and board. Used here a 580 cm2 wing and want to build one even smaller.
Benefit list is long
- much lower weight as also foil connection has much lower stress as there is no long lever nose touches the water while foil piches downwards pulling out front plugs (the way two of my long boads gets weak)
- much more freedom in movement due to low momentum of inertia.
- great to jump with lower risk and more freedom especially for foiloffs
- Much more compfortable on the beach and in the car trunk, if the board is also narrow even the strut can be shorter..

Only further disadvantage till now you don't get to many real pocket boads so have to build yourself.

Or anybody already experience with serial boards < 1 m?
I am sure there will be a market in the future with raising abilities of customers.
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Re: About real small pocket boards < 1 m, benefits and limits

Postby gbrungra » Mon Oct 15, 2018 11:01 pm

Good summary.

I’m tempted to go small w my next foilboard. Mostly for travel.

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Re: About real small pocket boards < 1 m, benefits and limits

Postby theblutch » Tue Oct 16, 2018 10:12 am

Yeah at hundred percent !
I totally agree with your post espacially the Beneficit.
I ride a 85 cm board and don't want to go back, but i would not be more smaller than my actual.
However, i'm not sur about the market, because i think a lot of people are very afraid to ride a small board, they're afraid to lose stability, lightwind and ... and I think brands that sell real pocket board are so much expensive (but that's my own opinion) !

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Re: About real small pocket boards < 1 m, benefits and limits

Postby Peter_Frank » Tue Oct 16, 2018 6:17 pm

Having boards from 85 to 175 cm, 6 different sizes, but only considering pocket boards in this thread:

Really short pocket boards cons -

Nose scoop not possible, giving the first 4 cons here.
Can not be ridden on the surface really.
IF they should be ever so slightly ridden on the surface, the angle should be set so you stand awkward with front foot bent.
Extremely difficult to waterstart strapless, if trimmed for a natural stance, straps much better of course.
Any touchdown in chop/waves can lead to a crash, both going straight and in transitions and jumps.
If seaweed, you WILL touchdown often, no matter how skilled, not fun without a snub nose - but okay, doesnt matter as you have to stop anyways...
You have no chance of riding safely in lulls if not sufficient to foil, so practical low end is hugely compromised.
You will risk huge crashes when you land from high jumps nose first (in order to foil away) and get the timing off just a bit.
You have no flotation so when you drift ashore you can not sit on the board very well, or not at all.
Dragging out in onshore marginal winds is more difficult, harder, if a thin board no volume at least.

Really short pocket board pros -

Smaller so packing is easy.
Swing weight "mentally" is much better, no doubt.
Some think it is cool (but others think it looks odd so can be a pro as well as a con)

With a small or ultra small light board swing weight differences can not really be felt in my experience.
Nor can the difference when board dragging through waves- small or ultra small not any difference.
Weight difference can also be minimal, as you dont need strength nor stiffness in the nose really, only between your feet.

I love really small/short pocket boards, but only for the fun of "just doing it", as no practical advantages at all for me.

Maybe I am just too lousy at foiling, I know, but I suspect many to be at the same level and not like Horst's and this could be one reason why we have so different views :naughty:

But in general, going to the extremes is either for "just doing it", or a smaller niche IMO, no matter what we are talking about, could also be super small or super big kites or anything else - doesnt work well in the extremes, but some like that :rollgrin:

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