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Nash Trip as budget friendly lightwind option..

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Re: Nash Trip as budget friendly lightwind option..

Postby lupociotto » Fri Nov 30, 2018 5:53 pm

Im very very sure the 10 trip has more power in lightwind than an 9 or even 10 m bandit.

I owned 8 + 12 myself, both perfect foilboard kites, but a pain in the ass wenn being overpowerd, really not funny.
When not overpowered also fun on a wavebord in waves.

Don't expect to be the trip to be very simple with the relaunch at light my experience the boxer does this much better,
and it is much better on the high end side.

regards wolfgang

pictures: some foiling action in tel aviv february 2018 ....

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Re: Nash Trip as budget friendly lightwind option..

Postby gwechall » Sun Dec 09, 2018 6:24 pm

Naish trip is a really amazing kite! I think they launched it to early as the kites hydrofoil weren't so famous a the beguining!!

I bought a 8m 2015 (i think... blue and white model) new and really cheap (350€) and this is by far the best kite i tried for freeriding / wave / freestyle riding!! this is my biger kite, i'm out on it around 9/10 knots, so stable even in gusty shity winds, relaunch really easyly puling 1 back line or reverse launch in really light wind, it's so precise at the bar and it stay really stable at any place in the wind window. i even used it few times with my surf in waves and works great (super drift) but a bit slow in waves for my taste (wich i liked on my foil).

befor i had a 9m Gong strutless and i didn't like it, less high end, to "racy" for my taste, not a grunty kite and it accelerate non stop when you are riding...

for me the big difference with between the trip and Gong are : Trip is an all around/wave strutless and the Gong is more freeracing strutless kite

For me the Trip was the best by i did in a long time ;)

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