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Moses Onda with a smaller stabilizer?

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Re: Moses Onda with a smaller stabilizer?

Postby grigorib » Mon May 06, 2019 2:38 pm

I tried 683s with 330 stabilizer with some positive and some negative results:
- setup goes faster and you can feel less "drag"
- setup feels livelier, more like 590
- the mast needs to be moved forward
- I was catching seaweed and could barely control the foil after short tacks. More of back foot pressure would have helped which I could't apply due to static mast position on a small board

Will try again in clean waters later this summer (but I'll be getting 710 fuselage and 450 stabilizer and pair it with 683s and maybe that would be the winner instead). On the other hand whenever I ride clean/deep water I tend to ride my 590 wing.
Experimenting comes when bored :)

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