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Naish medium and Axis 68 comparison

Posted: Sat Jan 19, 2019 6:57 am
by Wazza Foil
I have a Naish medium surf (the yellow heavy version) which I have smoothed the excessive graphics with 1200 wet & dry and now am very happy with it.
I have been demoing a few other foils looking for similar lift but a little more speed so may need reduced drag.
Foils that are close include Moses 633 and Axis 68.
Moses 633 requires more time as only a short session.
The Axis 68 (higher aspect than the other 2) seems to have slightly better up wind angle and easier down wind over very small wind waves than the Naish but not significant. Should the Axis be faster than the others??
I am hoping for comments from others on these foils for kitefoiling.