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MFC Hydros foils

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Re: MFC Hydros foils

Postby Breze » Thu Mar 21, 2019 7:19 pm

I had the chance of a 10 min side to side test of the Mfc 1250 on the 70cm strut and my Ketos 90cm V2 1200 Kool ( new version). Note,i'm not a very competent foiler, flying to toeside stage. Wind was light, 8sqm foilkite, 90kg.
The two boards had totally different stances, narrow n wide. Both wings are super easy to ride. Both are totally silent. I felt no difference in min speed , for maximum speed the Wind was too light .
Due to the smaller Stab of the Ketos (small FR Stab) the Ketos turned tighter, with my riding level. A good foiler can turn the Mfc very tight, no doubt.
I found it very remarkable that a newcomer can build a foil that flys as gentle as a Ketos with 10 years foiling background. I hope to try the smaller Mfc wings with the new 90cm mast, to compare with my wave xl.

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