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leash plug on foilboard

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Re: leash plug on foilboard

Postby tkaraszewski » Wed Mar 27, 2019 9:26 pm

cwood wrote:
Wed Mar 27, 2019 7:33 pm
tkaraszewski wrote:
Wed Mar 27, 2019 6:51 pm
I don't have one of these, but I'm thinking of attaching a small loop to the farthest back footstrap insert to use for this. I kite on a river where if you loose your board it might end up 20 miles downwind of you, or if the wind is light, 20 miles upwind of you. The idea is if I need to roll up lines and fight with a kite that won't relaunch, I can clip the board to my waist and not worry about it drifiting off with out me. I don't expect to use this if my kite is still flying.

But I think I would get a short bit of line with a carabiner-like clip, and stuff into a small velcro pouch on my harness, like is used for a safety knife.
A friend tried this and found that if you make one slip and drop the clip on the end of a line, clip sinks with line, then you are blindly fishing around under water to get it.... Wasting more time, also a tangle hazard. A reel is always there for "quick draw" and if you drop it, no problem. Also, if you do get back in business with kite in the air, it self winds vs having to deal with a length of line now loose and dangling.
I don't see how this can be the case if the other end of the line is attached to your harness. Grab the end at your harness and slide it down until you get to the end.

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Re: leash plug on foilboard

Postby jakemoore » Wed Mar 27, 2019 10:11 pm

Why the front of the board and not the back.

I have not had a problem of the board getting away, but would consider a board leash e.g. if required for safety of others in the surf zone.

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Re: leash plug on foilboard

Postby Peter_Frank » Wed Mar 27, 2019 10:27 pm

I must say, that if the kite goes down, I have experienced many times that the board either races to the shore before you drift ashore, which is a PITA of course, you lose you flotation and your foil might be damaged and at least scratched extremely.

Even more often, if your kite is down, your foil rides in between the lines, so you can not relaunch safely, even if sufficient wind.

Having the board upwind of you, you drifting away, I have never experienced actually, but it might also be able to occur I guess.

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Re: leash plug on foilboard

Postby airsail » Thu Mar 28, 2019 12:01 am

Attach near the front of the board as the fuselage and stab points out the rear and you tend to kick it when trying to relaunch the kite.
Tried a reel leash, didn’t like it. The spring is too strong and it brings the foil in too close and it hinders you when relaunching. I use an old wrist leash, long enough to keep the board far enough away not to hinder you much. It’s attached to one side of my harness then runs behind my back and the clip is attached to the harness hook, don’t even know it’s there until I need it.
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Re: leash plug on foilboard

Postby OzBungy » Thu Mar 28, 2019 3:23 am

As has been said, if the kite crashes in light wind the board can race off downwind. If it makes it to shore it will find the only rock and bounce up and down on it. This happened to me a lot while learning to foil, and happened just the other day when I stalled the kite and could not relaunch relatively close to a rocky shore.

In stronger winds I have tried to swim after my board before relaunching my kite. I was only 2m away but there was no way I could swim fast enough to catch it.

It's not uncommon for the foil to float and the board to sit on its side. In that position the board can sail crosswind instead of downwind. I have never been unable to drag back to the board. My mate has once and he is quite worried that it will happen again. BTW The solution for this is the would be rescuer simply has to push the foil down so that the board runs downwind. Trying to pick up a foil is going to end in tears.

For kite relaunching I have worked out a technique where I rest an elbow on the board to stop it drifting away. From that position I can do the alternate front/rear line relaunch with a fair amount of success.

I recently had to self-rescue when the wind dropped out. I disconnected the kite leash from the safety line and wrapped it around a strap on the board. It was a bit short but it held the board in a nice spot where I could self-rescue with the kite upside down and rest my body on the board. I was able to make it to shore with no damage to me or my gear.

I have since made a tow line from a short length of old kite line. I spliced loops in both ends, fixed one end to the end of the harness straps, and put a tiny plastic snap lock (one of those little ones for hooking your keys into a pocket.) The line is rolled up and fits into the key pocket on my Mystic harness. It's almost invisible. I haven't had to use it but if I ever get into an unpleasant situation it will be good to have some options.

It would be nice if harnesses were made with discreet pockets so you could carry some emergency gear. This used to be common. There's plenty of places with tiny pockets could go. Mystic have a cover over the harness buckles and the left side has a key pocket. It would be good to have a similar pocket on the other side.

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Re: leash plug on foilboard

Postby Slappysan » Thu Mar 28, 2019 4:01 am

I use a short kite leash and wear a second handlepass leash for leashing up after drops in LW. Sometimes It'll be 10 minutes before you can get the kite launched again.

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Re: leash plug on foilboard

Postby cglazier » Thu Mar 28, 2019 4:28 am

When you crash and your kite goes down try to immediately grab your board. Sometimes a few strong swim strokes are needed to get to it.
Then the best ways to relaunch all involve using the board.

1. The easiest way is to place the board sideways in front of you and place your feet on the fuselage under water while trying to relaunch the kite with your bar and lines over the board. The resistance of the board helps you relaunch in light wind.

2. Another technique works if you have a big floaty board. Sit on it like riding a horse and try to point it sideways to the wind while relaunching. The resistance of the board helps you relaunch in light wind.

3. Another technique works if you have a small board. Sit on it like riding a horse and try to point it sideways to the wind while relaunching. My current board is well under water when I do this but it works. The resistance of the board helps you relaunch in light wind.

You should always use your board to your advantage rather than attaching it with a leash and dragging it behind you. If you cannot relaunch and you have to swim it is always better to lie on your board while swimming because you will go faster. Hint: undo one side of your spreader bar so your harness hook doesn't dent your board.

(veteran of many light wind relaunches and more swims than I care to admit)
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Re: leash plug on foilboard

Postby downunder » Thu Mar 28, 2019 6:28 am

TomW wrote:
Wed Mar 27, 2019 11:38 am

i´m building my own foilboards. I see that some people have a leash plug on the nose of the board and a small loop of line attached.

As i understand it, the leash is used when you have to roll up lines of kite while on the water during self-rescue, and you dont want board to sail away.
Are you disconnecting your kiteleash and using that ? or do you have extra leash on you harness in case you need to use it for board leash ?

Could someone with one of these plugs tell me the procedure you are using when using the leash, and any additional leash or stuff you need to make it work. ( I am not debating the have- or have not. I just want to know the procedure).
Thanks in advance.
It's not for the leash for me.

It is for going out when is way easier to revert the HF and just walk in shallows, pulling the board behind.

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Re: leash plug on foilboard

Postby Foil » Thu Mar 28, 2019 8:50 am

if using a reel leash, (I think there is only one make now) there is a way to attach this device so it works without hindering the process,
Just getting one and attaching it to your harness will not give you the best experience.

there are 2 steps you need go through to ensure you get the best results,

first, if you right handed, fix the device to the rear of your harness with the reel locked on to the right hand side position, hard into the harness so it cant move around, i remove all the rubber padding from the reel and use the rear harness rings as anchor points, using a short anchor line between the rings with lobster claw quick release clips for easy on or easy off.
This takes a bit of working out as the reel needs to be tight into the harness without any slack at all, almost too tight, to prevent the line being caught around your back trapped behind the reel.

Then the end of the reel webbing needs to be pulled out around 10 inches and the hook removed, then tie in a figure 8 knot 10 inch from the fee end, slide on a stopper ball, lock in place with another knot, then tie in another stop knot an inch away, and slide on another stop ball and finally lock this on with a final knot, this is the reel complete and ready to clip on or off quickly

Now you need a length of free line with clips at each end, i use one around 5ft long which has a bungee line in internally (these lines come as spares with all new ozone kites) I use 2 of these looped together, but suitable white line is good, again the clips need to either be lobster claw types or other types that can be used easily with only one hand.

this free line I keep attached to my harness 100% of the time, even when the reel leash is left in the car, and is there for the times the risks are lower.
(this free line is clipped on to the reel leash between the 2 new stopper balls, fitted as above) one end clip of course clipped on to your harness hook or other suitable place at the front right hand side of your harness ready to finally clip onto your board.

Using this free line length on the reel leash is important, as it keeps your foil at a nice distance away from you as you mess around relaunching your kite.

Using easy to use clips gives you the option of getting free from the set up if things go wrong for some reason.

Tying the reel on in a way that means you cant detach any part of it is a bad idea, keep your options open.

A a over kill safety option I have removed the tiny hook knife on the harness and replaced this with a Whichard marine deck knife, which folds and fits perfectly back into the tight little harness pouch the hook knife sits in, this knife will cut through much thicker line/rope.

In all cases its worth remembering the reel leash option has it uses, BUT, can also work against you if you use it in the wrong conditions, high winds and waves are when the reel should be left off, body dragging out in onshore waves and wind is another time the free line should be left unattached until you get to deep water,
also if your out on the water practicing all your tricks or messing around in the shallows then again the free line should be kept off the reel.

finally, if you are just about to relaunch your kite when using the reel then ensure your webbing has retracted back before you get yanked though the air, the servere pull may damage your attachment point, nothing can ping back in any case as the webbing length prevents this 100%
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Re: leash plug on foilboard

Postby TomW » Thu Mar 28, 2019 12:29 pm

My use case scenario is to attach the leash if have kite down in water and it looks like i have to do a self rescue and dont what to loose the board while wrapping everything up.
Seems like best way is a 2-3m long line or handlepass leash, attached to harness and rolled up in convenient way that will allow me to attach to the leash when needed, but out of the way.

I have lost 2 line knives from my harness.....i lost a PLB too. I cant seem to keep anything attached and not lose it.

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