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Re: Gath Helmets with Visor

Posted: Thu Jun 27, 2019 12:25 pm
by Herman
The Gecko surf fits me like a glove, warm and comfortable, the neoprene across the forehead is probably critical to achieving snug firm fit that remains comfortable and close fitting. Disadvantage is no face protection. I was so impressed that I bought a spare at the time but I am still using the original 20 years on.

I only use the Gath gedi on the water to cater for low winter sun as I can wear it over a neo hood . It has a very dark external visor and I find myself lifting it up and down depending on tack to or away from the sun. It would be a bucket if you were crashing in surf but otherwise comfortable. The external visor does not scratch in use. It also makes a good winter buggy helmet over a fleece hat. Apart from the annular foam insert the helmet lining is fairly hard on this guessing, 8 year old gedi.