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nervous about the new shorter Moses fuse

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nervous about the new shorter Moses fuse

Postby Foil » Sun May 12, 2019 10:58 am

I am just a bit concerned that the new shorter and lighter moses fuse for the Onda wings might just spoil a great feature of the 683s wing.
one of the reasons I love using the 683s is I have no worries when I get separated from my board at high speed, I know the wing sinks down and the board will quickly make its way back to me.
2 weeks back I almost gave up trying to bodydrag back upwind to my 633, the wind was stiff and the board was definitely sailing upwind away from me, after zig zagging for ages I was getting worn out and I had to resort to very long dragging one way to make ground on my was scary and exhausting, it may have been a one off and the conditions were perfect to make the board sail away upwind, normally it it just hangs around not moving too much and i can "easily" body drag to it, (sometimes more easily than other times when a little panic sets in)

so if anyone can give feedback on the 683s wing with the new shorter fuse that would be great, if it floats then I will buy a spare "old" style fuse as the board on its side thing is freaking me out as I have seen at flag what can happen when it happens like my experience.
in that case the guy lost his board and it was washed up on the outer reef (all new gear)

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Re: nervous about the new shorter Moses fuse

Postby tkaraszewski » Sun May 12, 2019 5:40 pm

Someone send me a new 710 fuselage and I’ll happily try this.

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Re: nervous about the new shorter Moses fuse

Postby Horst Sergio » Mon May 13, 2019 1:42 am

Has anybody ever made a video that shows clearly a foil with a floating wing that travels up wind?

I don't think that it is imposible, but I have quite some doupts until not have seen it and I have used several foils with floating wings. In my eyes it is more about body dragging.

Until that, I wouldn't make any thoughts about the shorter fuselage as the difference is anyway so small that you could easily screw a little piece of lead to it if it really cause the expected problems, as said, in my eyes for several reasons extremly unlikely.

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Re: nervous about the new shorter Moses fuse

Postby TomW » Mon May 13, 2019 6:05 pm

Mine floats on its side a lot. It has not yet gone upwind, but for sure sticks in place. The board is acting like a sail, so I can imagine if the CoE is far enough back it might do it. Depends on board I guess. My mast/strut is very far back, 50-70 mm from tail, so I don't think there is enough " sail area" behind the wing balance point.

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Re: nervous about the new shorter Moses fuse

Postby Peter_Frank » Mon May 13, 2019 7:08 pm

I dont think they go upwind either…

Sticks in the same spot maybe, rides a bit to the side yes with the "boardsail" :rollgrin:

I would be happy with light gear, and never put "extra" weight on mine just for the sake of having it tilt down.

The reason we struggle getting to our board, is much more likely because we are all spoiled when we foil a lot, or mostly, we get so bad at bodydragging upwind, because we rarely have to when the board dolphins downwind most often.
Till now, big wings and light good gear can float and "sail" indeed.

Without the board you can go quite well upwind, here is a track I made, reposting, when out on a TT with a 10 m2 (more powered, but still) to see how I could go upwind or not, just bodydragging in the water:


Of course in lighter wind you can not go as steep upwind, but I think we can get to our boards.

Not sure of course, if some go A LOT more upwind than others…

In marginal winds where we might not be able to bodydrag as well, there is no issue in this respect, as the boards usually tip down anyways now, no wind to keep it floating.

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Re: nervous about the new shorter Moses fuse

Postby Qiter » Mon May 13, 2019 7:15 pm

I agree. And there are positives about a foil floating on its side, as discussed in another thread (easier to spot when choppy and sun is low, does not hit the ground when it gets in the shallows, does not disappear downwind when you drop the kite etc.).
I personally prefer a foil floating on its side to the normal position for those reasons...
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