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(almost) tool-less foil setups

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Re: (almost) tool-less foil setups

Postby TomW » Mon Jun 10, 2019 6:13 pm

"leaving something on the sand and disappearing from view upwind is not the way to go believe me (this ain't no scandinavia)."

Hahaha! I live up here in Sweden since '84, grew up in Los Angeles where you can't leave even old flip-flops on the beach.
Reality check is that we have had a crime wave at local spot and cars getting emptied in parking lot that is isolated from the beach. And "warm" ( over 20c = rarely) season stuff gets stolen from the beach too.

Agree with moses assembly. What a hassle. Good thing I never take mine apart..goes into car assembled. I've made my own boards with bighead inserts embedded in the board and use screws from the bottom.

I'd like to see a plate attachment that uses one screw behind mast. The Stringfellow thing looks clever.

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