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Peak4 - Hype or Hydrofoil? Video Review

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Re: Peak4 - Hype or Hydrofoil? Video Review

Postby slowboat » Thu Jul 25, 2019 9:41 pm

It's an interesting question: Whether the Peak 8 meter can be one's light wind kite. I am trying to make it work as such but I am currently not convinced. My current LW (7-8 knots) kite is a Pulsion 12. It just has more grunt and LIFT during water starts than the Peak 8 meter. I can get the Peak started if I have plenty of deep enough water down wind but when the wind is mostly onshore, I much prefer the Pulsion. Once foiling, the Peak 8 is much more fun and turning speed is very acceptable (it's what you would expect from a bigger 5 meter Peak). It also hangs in the air better than the Pulsion. I use 27 meter lines with both kites. I need a Peak 9 meter or 9.5 meter. :D

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Re: Peak4 - Hype or Hydrofoil? Video Review

Postby elguapo » Fri Jul 26, 2019 6:09 pm

tomtom wrote:
Thu Jul 25, 2019 7:42 pm
Elguapo. Can you please comment about 8 turning speed vs 5m or some LEI equivalent. Also bar forces bar size - meaning general handling vs smaller peaks

I was die hard about closed cell for LW but maybe 8 is not so bad compromise...

many thanks!
actually the 8m turning speed isnt actually that bad (just the kite doesnt race across the window like a...soul for example)
i just do either s figure 8 or "Z" pattern to get going (i have to time pointing the board and powering the kite)

i'd say the 8m's turning is much more comparable to a 5m peak than a 12m marabou

also, i'm not going to call the 8m peak an ideal low wind solution.
for provides the minimum i needed to get up on an oversized surf foil.
if you fall in a current or during a lull....well, the positive is kite will probably still be in the air winds before the white caps start appear....dont expect to be racing anyone. (literally...anyone)

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Re: Peak4 - Hype or Hydrofoil? Video Review

Postby BigSky » Fri Jul 26, 2019 7:17 pm

Here's my 2 cents based on actually using the kites. The 8 is nice but, for me, it's inadequate for sub 10kts. That's why they have the 11m. I really love the 11. I feel you could possibly go without the 8 and use the 11m to bridge the gap to the 5m (14 kts), though I like having the 8 for ~12kts. Again, I've flown all of them. I'm by no means an expert but also not a noob. Cheers.

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