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thin profile & low volume combination?

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thin profile & low volume combination?

Postby athen » Thu Aug 01, 2019 8:31 pm

Hi all!
how important is the kitefoil-board’s THICKNESS and VOLUME to work really well in very light winds?

(I apologize in advance if it's a stupid question!!)

but while I try to choose the better board to get used in super light winds conditions for hydrofoiling (I mean 5 o 14 knots, not higher winds) I was wondering if these factors could somehow affect the optimal foiling result?

Can very thin profile and super low volume kitefoil-boards like these ones: ... rds/squid/

negatively affect the good performance of the overall hydrofoiling?

or is it just a matter of making the right choice on the foil kit below (mast, wings, etc.)?

My real interest in enjoying these very light winds conditions is just to ride and tour the spots, definitely not for jumping or racing.

Thank you!!

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Re: thin profile & low volume combination?

Postby BWD » Thu Aug 01, 2019 8:43 pm

I use a thin board and big wing and it is ok in very light wind. The main difficulty is when you are trying to relaunch the kite and its hard to get enough resistance with the board - you can accidentally submerge it too deeply. But relaunch at 8 knots or less is tricky anyway, sometimes impossible if the water conditions and wind are not in sync.
A longer and floatier board is also helpful in touchdowns and shallow water starts. From 8 or 9 knots though a thin board with some nose rocker is very nice.

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Re: thin profile & low volume combination?

Postby Peter_Frank » Thu Aug 01, 2019 9:48 pm

Well, IMO, and as many knows I might be different than many, it plays a huge role, size and thickness in low winds.

Meaning when below 10 knots, you (I) are much better off with a bigger and thicker board, the lower the wind.

I got 4-5 boards different sizes and thickness, and use them all depending on wind, when below 12 knots, otherwise the smallest ones can work just fine.

Even with really big wings, there is no substitution for size and volume, in terms of being able to go really low in marginal winds, and the bigger ones are a lot safer and easier to ride in extreme lulls too.

Most others will probably say it does not matter, if you use a big wing, but trust me, it does :thumb:

So if your goal is primarily low wind, dont go with the smallest board.

If a wide windrange and limited budget, you can go for a small board and simply dont foil in really light winds.
And if a wide windrange and possible, get two boards.

8) Peter

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Re: thin profile & low volume combination?

Postby airsail » Thu Aug 01, 2019 9:56 pm

Take care when attaching alloy foils to min volume boards, might not float. And are bloody hard to find as they sit so low in the water.

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Re: thin profile & low volume combination?

Postby tomtom » Thu Aug 01, 2019 9:57 pm

Maybe below 5 :) it matter /for me/ with big wing. But thats bicycle time anyway

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Re: thin profile & low volume combination?

Postby plummet » Thu Aug 01, 2019 11:11 pm

I have a thin low volume pocket board. If you have enough grunt to swoop and get up and planning your all good. But don't touch down! If you are undergunned in servere lulls then small board is an arse. You will sink in and if you touch down on tacks/gybes you will sink in or be doing a loop fest do get going again.

So it comes down to skills and conditions. I can and do fly my pocket board in 6-8 knots with my 12 chrono. But damn do i have to be careful to not touch down or if i do during a transition to have the kite looping and providing power to get me back on the plane asap.

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Re: thin profile & low volume combination?

Postby jakemoore » Thu Aug 01, 2019 11:38 pm

I’ve had good luck with low volume boards that have more area for light wind water start. But is such a flat board it’s a pain to avoid touchdown.

I wonder if some of the folks who like their higher volume boards enjoy the shape more than displacement.

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