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Slingy Apollo 2020 wing...

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Re: Slingy Apollo 2020 wing...

Postby NYKiter » Tue Aug 13, 2019 2:34 pm

Probably the main difference is Moses makes things themselves and Slingy has China make them.....

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Re: Slingy Apollo 2020 wing...

Postby grigorib » Tue Aug 13, 2019 2:40 pm

Someone above called out Moses (and same for Slingshot) marketing strategy of "confusion" a pretty smart move to sell more wings.

Pretty much standard H4 Space Skate wing was a great replacement for H5 as a default set wing but at the same time the H2 (Gamma 68) wing was kicking ass and could have substituted for both. The H1 (Time Code 68) wing didn't get much light of the day in its first year (as H1) but was pretty much a third overlapping wing in the line.

Then in 2018 Slingshot released a pretty amazing Infinity 76 which with same size as H4 Space Skate (hard to believe until you see the numbers) is a good substitute/replacement of H4 and a fifth overlapping wing.

This year there's Apollo...

So Gamma 68, Time Code 68 and Apollo are in the same area ballpark and my gut feeling would call for Time Code 68 still topping all three of these. Or Apollo but for sake sake it must be confusing as hell to most of people.

The H4 Space Skate and Infinity 76 are about 20% larger wings and they also highly overlap.

I am sure Slingshot is enjoying making more and more wings and maybe they get molds cheap but I'd be cleaning the line aggressively and rather have folks experiment with new coming year wing than confusing customers with too much choice

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