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Unsharpen trailing edge Moses onda 633?

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wavy navy
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Unsharpen trailing edge Moses onda 633?

Postby wavy navy » Wed Aug 28, 2019 6:29 pm

Did you unsharpen the trailing edge of the wings of your Moses Onda? The trailing edge is really sharp>dangerous. It does not "sing", that's not the point. I sanded off a bit like recommended in this video:

In the video they say the trailing edge should be 0.5 to 1mm sanded off. Not rounded but in a "vertical" way.
But I'm afraid that I do it too much so I didn't sand very much...?

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Re: Unsharpen trailing edge Moses onda 633?

Postby Foil » Wed Aug 28, 2019 6:51 pm

I have watched that video as well, and wondered if the 633 or 683 would need that detail of blunting.
so having x2 633 wings and x2 683 wings, I did a simple hard wet sponge and 600 wet paper to round off the edge so I could run my arm skin hard across the blade without feeling any danger of slicing through, just a nice smooth rounded trailing edge,
on the other 2 wings I did the flat rear bit and 30deg finish explained in the video, all guess work but near enough I thought.
then tried both for months on the water, not a jot of difference at any speed,
both silent and blunt ish,
still would not like a knock on the noggin or kneecap though.
maybe its more important on race gear.
I did my masts as well which did stop the hum at top speed,the hum was bad straight out of the box but 3 gentle long even strokes with wet 600 flat at first and then 30 deg off the edge both sides worked a treat, less sharp and silent.
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