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package good for beginner?

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Re: package good for beginner?

Postby toyletbowl » Mon Sep 16, 2019 6:17 am

Hi Alex.....Grigory is a really good friend of mine and he's and giving you great advice.

I just saw this thread. I actually sell a lot of SS foil gear and the Infinity 76 in the F-surf package with 4'6" dwarf is perfect. One guys said a larger board for learning? Maybe for your first few sessions, but once you learn to foil, the 4'6" is perfect and larger boards will feel really big as you progress.

The infinity 76cm does have a lot of lift which means it will want to foil quickly even at slower speeds, but it also has a very impressive top end for a wing like this. It's my best selling package and wing by a long shot.

Here is a breakdown of your sessions and potential kite sizes.

1) For your first time ever, pick he same kite size that you would use to get up on a twin tip and maybes just a tad smaller. Your goal day one is to NOT foil, but get used to riding the board with the foil ON the water and figuring out how to keep the board skimming along nicely and in control. No foiling. You should be able to ride hundreds of yards both directions standing on the board. Very little edging and even front and back foot pressure with more emphasis on the front foot when needed.

So you really want to go SLOW. Picking a kite big enough for riding a twin tip will let you dive the kite and then just let it pull you and you can actually go slow this way. Sheeted out a fair amount. If you have access to a 15" mast, grab one. It will leak the first few sessions easier, but a 24" will work also.

2) When you are starting to foil, the resistance will reduce a lot, so you can now go down one kite size. The Infinity 76cm actually likes to be ridden 2 sizes smaller at times, but not quite yet. You're learning to foil, but again, keep your speed down.

3) Once you learn to foil and can ride longer distances above the water, you can probably go down 2 kite sizes, but be careful to not go too small. Quick kites means having to have better foil control when working the kite to get going.

Grigory is also correct that having 2 wings ultimately will help. Smaller and faster wing swill let you actually handle overpowered conditions a little better. Bigger wings will feel overpowered a little quicker. Start out with 1 wing though and go from there.

I hope this helps. I do sell all this gear and can help if needed, but if you have a good local dealer, support them. They will appreciate it.

I get to ride and test a lot of foil gear and have access to a lot of carbon set ups, but i still ride the SS F-surf package more than any by a long shot. I do switch my front wings a lot depending on my mood (jumping, strapless, etc) and love the modularity of this system.

I hope this helps and good luck.

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Re: package good for beginner?

Postby AlexL » Mon Sep 16, 2019 3:16 pm

Thanks Grigory and Bob! Your advice is very helpful.

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Re: package good for beginner?

Postby purdyd » Mon Sep 16, 2019 4:38 pm

I think the 4’ 8” alien air is a better starter board and by the time you out grow it, you can go smaller than the 4’ 6” dwarfcraft.

And it think marching up through the flight school mast systems is a better structured approach but if you have to pick one mast to start 28” is a good compromise.

The infinity 76 seems to be a better wing to start with than the space skate, because I think it has better top speed or so it is claimed.

Having s smaller wing is a good idea, for later on and also, easier for that initial taxi stage as it has less drag and lift and is easier to maneuver when getting the board into position.

Good luck!
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Re: package good for beginner?

Postby NEkitesurfing » Mon Sep 16, 2019 9:39 pm

Hi Alex, the fastest progress can be achieved with a dedicated Beginner Foil like the SHINN P Foil. In the beginning it is quite normal to crash a lot with some foil contact for this reason it is much safer to have especially a front wing that is not pointy and sharp. It is quite normal as well to have unwanted ground contact which can damage especially the front wing in a way that it reduces the performance significantly. For this reason the design and construction should be robust.
The Surf Wings are great but not in any case the best choice for a beginner to learn foiling and are normally more expensive. A volume board drifts very fast leeward and it is not necessarily easier for the water start.
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Re: package good for beginner?

Postby TomW » Fri Sep 20, 2019 10:37 pm

Basically you need a big enough kite to pull you out of the water without a radical dive and power spike. A smooth powerful pull out.
Problem with small board is you should learn to ride on surface before flying. And small board will bog down. As you progress to flying in a straight line, you'll need to go back to surface to do surface gybe, again small board will submarine.
As soon as you learn flying gybe you can go to small board.
Of course, you could try small board from the get-go but you'll slow your progression in the beginning. I'd recommend at least a 135 cm board with good amount of nose rocker as a beginner.

Contrary to advice above, I'd stick to one wing because you have to learn how the foil behaves, and switching messes up your muscle memory. A 1200 cm2 wing is really good all around and I'm on one after 3 full seasons after learning on a 600cm2 wing.
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Re: package good for beginner?

Postby purdyd » Sat Sep 21, 2019 5:02 pm

The infinity 76 is 1534 sq cm. It is pretty big wing for a normal sized guy. But would be great for learning

I think that is why some people gave the advice about getting a second wing

I agree a lot of people on 1100 to 1200 as everyday wing. I also see a group in the
700- 900 who tend to ride around a bit faster.
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