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Moses T22 Red Foil Board Review

Posted: Fri Oct 04, 2019 2:23 pm
by joekitetime
I know thinks I, this board has been out forever, this review is already way outdated. Ok, yes, you got me. But I just got one yesterday!

Background: I learned on dwarf craft 4'6", then rode beach dog skim w/stick on track mount, then dwarf craft 3'6" regular, then have been riding dwarf craft micros the entire last half of the 2019 season. Then got this Moses T22 Red. I ride is strapless. Rode the board w/Moses 633/450 and 91 mast...

I just love this board! The first up and go was pure delight! It feels super light, super responsive, super super super easy to ride. Sticks to my feet easier than the dwarf craft micro (which must have something to do with the boards contour).

Pros: this is my new board for my 633/683/790/873 wings. It feels like a convertible red Ferrari (mid life crisis!). Small (feels like it fits in back pocket).

Cons: track holes only. no back strap options. front straps limited to jibe straps only. super light (and seems very fragile). And, a biggie for me, I don't know yet (I believe I read somewhere you can) ride it with the 590 and on down with the fast wings (not confirmed yet). If I can ride my 590 front wing on this board I'll sell off all others and this will be my go to board, period.

Really and nice and pleasant board!

Re: Moses T22 Red Foil Board Review

Posted: Fri Nov 29, 2019 10:30 am
by maexx100
Im between Micro and T22. You dont miss the Rails on the T22?