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Lift 200 for kiting

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Re: Lift 200 for kiting

Postby geokite » Thu Jul 09, 2020 6:19 pm

mmac wrote:
Wed Jul 08, 2020 9:35 pm
I'm still stoked with the 170 Classic wing. It has been great on all boards, I'm now using it on a small pocket board. However, I'm curious about the Surf series wings and different tail sizes for kitesurfing. If you have any experience with the Surf series wings and different size stabilizers, please post a review with the size combos that are working.
I started on the 170 Classic, then got the 170Fish, then sold that to get the 170 surf. I use the 34 and 50 tails with the surf. I'm 71kg, 36" mast, SS DC 42"

The 170 Classic doesn't have the range of angle of attack that the 170 Surf can have at slow speeds. Once you go too slow with the classic, you sink (as you would expect). When you slow down with the surf, you can lean back a bit to stay up. This is a really nice feature when playing in wind swell. Makes the surf better in lighter wind; I'd estimate it lowers my wind range about 1mph. The surf turns tighter than the classic. The surf is noticeably heavier, regardless of the tail.

I haven't noticed much of a difference in top speeds between the two, maybe a bit more with the classic. I usually top out at about 20-21mph during a session.

The 50 tail makes the wing much less pitch sensitive (as you would expect), and a bit less maneuverable. I rode the 34 tail at Belmont in Socal a couple days ago; I had to focus on not crashing, which hasn't been an issue since I started foiling in fall of 2018. Belmont is basically a large reflection pool, with container ships, man-made islands, and rock jetty's bouncing around every wave in every direction; makes stability a tad important I think. I will not ride the 34 tail there again... I rode the Surf with the 50 tail at Sherman Island last week. So stable in wind swell from 25mph wind. Keep in mind I'm not pumping the wing.

I had to sharpen the 34 tail due to singing. Took a couple tries, but it's mostly quiet now. Never a noise from the 50 tail.

20/20 hindsight (and with product availability), I would only get the 170 Surf and a selection of tails. That is based purely on how they ride and light wind ability for my home (San Diego), not based on the travel ability.

Let me know if you have any questions about either of these wings.
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