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Moses/ Slingshot mast adapter updates

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Moses/ Slingshot mast adapter updates

Postby Wazza Foil » Sat Oct 26, 2019 8:29 am

Hope I can get some updates on the success of the Moses to Slingshot aluminium mast adapter?
Now considering getting one but wondering if it it a viable option?

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Re: Moses/ Slingshot mast adapter updates

Postby derek440 » Sat Oct 26, 2019 12:47 pm

I have done this and reckon its great. I have also ridden same foil with a moses mast and it feels the same to me. I got the foilmount adapter but found I had to put my feet too far forward when using this setup so I bought a stringy custom fuse which moves the wings aft solving the problem and now its great. Stringy also makes a custom adapter which moves the wings further aft than the foilmount adapter which move the wings a little further forward. Also I've had no problems with whistling, humming or anything like that and get same top speeds as with carbon mast and no adapter. I reckon its a good thing.
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DukeSilver (Sun Oct 27, 2019 3:36 am)
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Re: Moses/ Slingshot mast adapter updates

Postby DukeSilver » Sun Oct 27, 2019 2:33 am

I have bought the Stringfellow adapter. It's very nicely engineered and fits very well. I haven't had a chance to try it though. However, I have attached a post from my local forum, Seabreeze, below:

"So I finally got the 683S and the 450 stabiliser and have had a couple of opportunities to try to it out, attached to my Slingshot mast via the Foilmount adapter.

I bought the Foilmount adapter first, rather hastily, and then realised it shifted the mast position towards the back due to the position of the screws. I then bought the 743 "Stringy" fuselage, which shifts the mast forward compared to the standard Moses 710 or 749 fuselage. Alternatively, I could have got the "Stringy" adapter, which shifts the mast forward and used a standard Moses fuselage, but being a TA, I stuck with the Foilmount adapter. The Foilmount adapter and 743 fuselage (which is really more designed for the 633 wing) is a good combination and works well with my 4'6" Dwarfcraft board.

1st session I could definitely notice a noise when cruising downwind at a pretty decent speed, one I hadn't heard before with the hoverglide. I wouldn't quite describe it as a humming, more like the noise a motor or pump does when a bearing is on its way out. Not super annoying tbh and not audible going upwind or normal cruising.

After that session I decided to hack into the adapter to smooth the edges out, make it more hydrodynamic-looking, what I had always intended to do. I had been thinking of how to do it for a little while, and hadn't really settled on a shape, but in the end I just grabbed the b@stard (the file) and ripped into it, conscious of not shaving too much meat off the little piece of aluminium that was the only thing holding my new awesome foil onto my cheap mast. Bit of black metal primer afterward.

2nd session heading downwind quite fast, performance-wise seemed the same as before, but couldn't hear the noise, just the gentle hissing of the mast. Pretty happy with this outcome.



Comparing the 683S to the hoverglide, I am finding the 683S way better, probably not unsurprising. One unexpected plus though was the weight. The Moses wings and 743 fuselage weigh about 1.6kg compared to the equivalent hoverglide setup, which is 2.7kg. The 1.1kg difference at the end of the 90cm mast makes a HUGE difference and makes everything generally more awesome; from carrying the board, to body dragging and water starts."
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Wazza Foil (Sun Oct 27, 2019 7:02 am)
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Re: Moses/ Slingshot mast adapter updates

Postby Foil » Sun Oct 27, 2019 8:14 am

happy with my adaptor from the states, Huston kiteboarding sent mine near a year ago
3 days from there to me in the uk with a slingshot mast.

Yes it looks a little odd when fitted with less than perfect smooth lines, but its easy to fit,
the fit is great, solid and no worries about its construction, no humming, no difference to detect at all.

I have given it some brutal "testing" as I learnt to jump using my shorter aluminium mast fitted to my massive 790 moses wing with this little adaptor fitted.

I have resisted the urge to make it more streamlined, as this may make it less perfect in some way.
so yes, buy with confidence, its not expensive and comes with all the spare screws that fit all the Moses fuse selections from now, back to the sharp pointy one.

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Re: Moses/ Slingshot mast adapter updates

Postby grigorib » Sun Oct 27, 2019 3:16 pm

I’ve got Jim Stringfellow’s adapter for the 30” mast and ended up with 2480 gram 80cm mast all lengths combined, to be used in OBX or any other shallow place. It saves you $500 on carbon mast and you still can ride same great wing set. I could have used a lighter mast pedestal and save myself a pound of weight on the set but I ended up riding 91cm mast in OBX as carbon undoubtedly rides smoother and is lighter to carry.

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