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Stable wings for 20-30 knots and 2-4m swell

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Re: Stable wings for 20-30 knots and 2-4m swell

Postby Kamikuza » Mon Nov 25, 2019 3:50 pm

Last year Adrian was traveling around the country doing demos, I'm sure he'll do it again.
plummet wrote:
Sun Nov 24, 2019 10:38 pm
big slow sup/surf wings
Define slow? 20 knots on the 820 is easy...just how fast do you need to go? :D

So far -- I love the Axis wings. Anything lower AR with same area I've tried is not stable enough in roll for my tastes. IMO though the wider the wing, the more you feel the turbulence (ie. in breaking waves) at the tips ... but it's not a deal breaker.

Re. an-/dihedral combos, I haven't noticed a difference. I'd like to experiment more but ... I'd rather be riding :D

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Re: Stable wings for 20-30 knots and 2-4m swell

Postby plummet » Mon Nov 25, 2019 6:55 pm

drsurf wrote:
Mon Nov 25, 2019 3:14 pm
Good grief man, you're in New Zealand. Nothing is a big trip compared to Australia or Europe where you may have to catch a flight to a good kite kiting destination.
The New Zealand Kitesurfing Facebook site, has 2,362 members, no doubt some are foilers who are not too far away from you. Talk to them, catch up, swap gear and try their foils. There are also no doubt events in NZ where there are demo days where you can demo a whole range of foils. Doesn't matter that it's not like home, you can still get an idea of the characteristics such as speed, manoeuvrability, wind range etc.

Anhedral, dihedral etc doesn't matter on its own, there are way too many other design considerations such as chord dimension, thickness, thickness across the width of the foil, aspect ratio, shape, stabiliser size & design etc. Each of these will have its advantages and disadvantages, you need to try these if possible in isolation and combination if you want to know what works for you specifically.

One other consideration, try a Flysurfer Peak4 kite if you can, a 3m Peak4 for 20 - 30 knots. It will rearrange your mind about what is possible with a small kite and and a good surf foil. You can turn the kite off and surf the wave with the foil as if you've tossed the kite which is just drifting along above you with minimal pull. May change what you want in a surf foil :D
Half the price of an LEI kite so much fun!
I guess its hard for you to understand. I don't have a budget for travel for hydrofoil wing building. To go to another location and try foils will cost $300nzd in fuel and accommodation assuming I have the allocated time to do so which I don't. My budget to make more winds is $0.00. I am not spending anything additional. I will make wings out of leftover material I have lying around the house utilizing research on the internet and whatever trialing I can do locally with no cost.

On the sports list of importance foiling is number 3. Mountain biking, regular kitesurfing then foiling. I simply have other wants higher on the list that foils wings. The money will be spent there and not travel for to research for wings.

As for non relauchable foils on the water. I am not interested at all. I want the safety feature of a water relaunch and a self-rescue option or at the very least being able to lie on the kite and get some additional buoyancy while I wait for rescue. Plus I enjoy my small lei kites and do not want the shut the kite off surf feel. I enjoy the dynamic fly your kite and ride at the same time sensation.

On a side not I am interested in single skins for kite buggying. I flew a 11m peak 4 in the buggy a couple of weeks back. I'll be honest i didnt like it. It was too slow to turn and had terrible upwind by comparison to my 12m chrono. I think there needs to be more development on them to bring their flying perfomance close to closer to closed cell or lei before i'll get interested,

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Re: Stable wings for 20-30 knots and 2-4m swell

Postby vol » Tue Dec 10, 2019 7:53 am

My waves and strong wind setup
Board 135-140 with two straps pretty wide stance attached at center line, front strap not v but straight because to turn much easier and stable when you riding heels-toes sides on the waves, board have to be pretty long and flat bottom because much easier to bounce and ride away
Mast 90cm, because usually is big chop in this conditions and you need more space
Front wing delta shape 700-1000cm2, delta because wing much stable and works well at low and high speed
Back wing symmetrical 0 degrees angle because speed range in strong wind and waves is huge from low to high and you don't need pitch surprise at high speed, you must control pitch by balance

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