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Moses T38 or Groove skate Large for improver?

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Re: Moses T38 or Groove skate Large for improver?

Postby jkrug » Wed Dec 25, 2019 1:17 pm

i'm about 92 kgs, and found the dwarfcraft (3'6") too small for me. got rid of it. i've been foiling close to 3 years now, and still far from being a good foiler, so take my advice with that in mind. i would sink the dwarftcraft on takeoff very easily, sometimes the board would be feet under water during launch. in light winds, i found it near impossible. i've been on the heavy Liquid Force Rocket board since day one, and still actually like it, though something lighter would be nice. if i could get anything, it'd probably be the Groove Skate 130. but like you, that's a lot of money to 'try' something.

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Re: Moses T38 or Groove skate Large for improver?

Postby Brian H » Wed Dec 25, 2019 2:30 pm

I went from the larger dwarf craft to the 120 Groove skate and I found them to have almost the same volume . I can easily sit on the Skate surfer style and relauncch my kite ( best way to relaunch in light wind ) the Skate has a flat deck compared to the SS concave which took a bit to get used to doing flying foot switches . The nose scoop on the skate just works so good on touch downs and it comes up so easy with just bit of kite power . Big money but big smiles .

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