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LF thruster bumpy ride on Al fuse

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Re: LF thruster bumpy ride on Al fuse

Postby Mikkelza » Mon Jan 01, 2024 3:05 pm

JoãoSilva wrote:
Mon Dec 25, 2023 6:26 pm
Mikkelza wrote:
Thu Dec 21, 2023 10:31 am
JoãoSilva wrote:
Thu Dec 21, 2023 12:49 am
Thank you guys for the replies. I shoukd have stated that I was looking into the LF thruster as a cheap fast foil that I could jump with.
I am used to the duotone speedster combo and I love it but the top end speed is starting to seem slow to me. I am not sure it is the foil, I much believe I could squeze more speed out of it with better technique, but it is so much easier to blame the gear. I was also curious on the naish thrust kite foil that has higher AR and smaller area.
Also jumping on the duotone speedster that has a composite fuselage has been woring me for some time as I've heard they are prone to break.

Windy regards
João Silva
Sounds like a great plan. I have started to think about jumping with hydrofoil. Although it seems scary and a stupid idea.. But my Thruster foil would also be the one to try on, if I dare to, one day. I have other foils more wave orientated, but I guess they are less suitable for jumping..
Thank you Mikkelza

Have you experienced strong humming at speed with the LF thuster and HD fuselage? I ask becouse I get a lot of humming with the LF rocket V2 on a standard fuselage.
Are you aware of how fast you have been able to get on the thruster? My experience is mostly on duotone speedster, and I find it hard to get much above 40km/h, I don't have that much experience I would recon, and also I am nearly 100kg, so quite heavy, but I find that the speedster has quite a thick profile and that migth hinder the speed, I've been thinking of getting the speedster GT, but for the price I migth as well get a full thruster foil and if the build of that LF thuster is the same as the one on the LF rocket that foil is nearly indestructible, I belive they have no foam core and are all glass fiber.
I also think the thruster much thiner profile, is it?
Can you confirm my believes? =)

Thank you and good festivities
João Silva
Hi João,

- I have not measured speed. 40km/h sounds fast. I think you can google to LF own data on how fast the thruster can go
- the Thruster foil have quite some thick profile. I like that, since it gives some lift to the foil (as I understand), at lower speed - this will make the max speed lower, I guess. I don't have a device to measure the thickness on my foil wing
- The Rocket foil and Thruster are very different. The Rocket foils is very solid/undestructable, as you write, the thruster wings are less robust. I did a 'chip'/damaged one corner by putting the foil at asphalt.
- I don't recon having much humming sound when sailing the Thruster

I just googled Liquid force Thruster max speed, and got the following:
Comfort zone speed: 14 – 22 MPH
Low end lift speed (variable): 7 MPH
Top speed (Variable): 32 MPH
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