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Tef gel, cooper slip, silicone for bolts

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Re: Tef gel, cooper slip, silicone for bolts

Postby evan » Wed Jan 29, 2020 8:51 am

evan wrote:
Sat Jan 25, 2020 1:15 pm
Levitaz uses a stainless steel fuselage, stainless steel on stainless steel can cold weld itself together over time. Hence the need for anti seize paste when you keep the foil assembled for more than a single session. But it is advised to always use it for easy (dis)assembly.

It is different from corrosion preventing paste used on the aluminum foils. Here you can get galvanic corrosion when the stainless steel bolts or carbon wings come in direct contact with the aluminum mast or fuselage.

The difference between the two pastes is that anti seize paste preventing the same metals from contacting each other while the anti corrosion paste is electricly insulating two different metals. Most anti seize pastes are conducting, so not advised to use them on aluminum foils!

I also highly advise to change all bolts to torx. Way more chance to get your stuck bolts undone without the need to drill them out!
A copy of my reply in another topic. If the Gong usus aluminum parts tefgel/insulation paste is the way to go and it is ok to leave the foil assembled. Best to wash off the salt and even better to disassemble and wash but that is not possible for everyone and not mandatory for your daily routine.

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