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Wing surf in waves, onshore?

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Re: Wing surf in waves, onshore?

Postby Adolfo » Thu Feb 13, 2020 5:27 pm

mr_daruman wrote:
Wed Feb 12, 2020 7:11 pm
Would like to try but...all these videos looks super fun just foil kiting...plenty of wind and waves and a smaller board to rip. I mean think about it.
They seem incredibly stoked flying slowly on a huge board, imagine having more speed control and turning sharper on a smaller foil board...
What happens when crashing in the breakers with a wing? These big foil boards have a leash, the wing has a leash...With a kite its super easy to kite loop and just body drag out of an impact zone.
Think of it this way:
Many, if not most, wingfoilers these days also kite foil, surf kite, etc.
In my case; I have19 years of kiting and 4 or 5 of kitefoiling experience.
We know exactly the advantages and disadvantages of a kite in any given condition. We know what you are talking about.
Also, when we get to the beach., we have the kites, surf and kitefoil boards and wingfoil equipment in the bed of the truck. We can pick any of them.
But we are choosing to go out with the wing and not with the kite.
There must be a reason…
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