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gong mast

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Re: gong mast

Postby windfreak74 » Sat May 02, 2020 10:59 pm

something is got to give!! i prefer a damaged strut than a damaged front wing. the weak link is relatively cheap!
89 euros for fuselage or strut. thats a simple fix! if wing ,fuselage and strut does not give in, whats next? the board box.
leverage is ruthless!!
i wonder how many off you have damaged hydrofoil after a grounding?
ive had some pretty nasty groundings which have bented front nose of fuselage. dented several times a g10 wing and ripped a chunk of a fiberglass front wing. im most afraid off the board connection to the plate. that can mess up a pretty expensive board!
hopefully its only broken gear and egoes!!
be carefull out there!!!

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