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Moses 633/380 review

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Moses 633/380 review

Postby joekitetime » Mon May 04, 2020 2:59 pm

You read that right - 380, not 330!

I started off like most riding the 633 on the 483 stab, then went to the 450 and was immediately in love with how much easier it was to control. A few weeks ago I experimented further with the 325 and 330 stab. Once on the 330 stab I considered that I'd discovered the gold being the ride was so awesome. Then someone asked how the 633 was on the 420 and 421 and another (only owning the 420 that was next on my list to test). But I also had an old 380 laying around (the 380 was the stab that went with the old 600 race wing). I figured, what the hell, I'll give it a try.

Seriously, listen to this carefully: of all my wings, and all the combos I've tried, this is the absolute best wing combo I've ever ridden. It is pure magic! It is the money back guarantee test! Unbelievable! The 380 is 20-30% better than the 330!

For one, high end speed is as fast and as controlled as I've ever been on the 633. But, there is nearly no bottom on the low end. It is the same low end that I've always had. At any speed the carvability exceeds that of the 590. That 380 back there doing its magic is punchy, like the new baddest sports car ever, but it tracks. It has less drag than the 330, but has just a bit more roll stability, such that you can lean against the roll with confidence. It is the exact right amount.

Immediately while riding I thought I was on the 590 without the drop at lower speeds. Honestly, I couldn't believe how well the setup worked.

This is the best setup I've ridden in my approx. 2 years of foiling.

I have it setup next to ride on the 72cm mast (I was on the 91cm), and I also want to try this stab with the 683. I know I know, it is enough to make your head spin.

If you can get your hands on a 380 try it! You will not be dissappointed!

One word of caution though - oddly, I've found every single wing to work in the same position as the 590 when using smaller stabs. The new wave of micro boards put the mast track position aft, while the older boards had this position more forward. You need that forward (6-1/2" from the tail to the back edge of the mast base) to make it work.

It's magic, I promise!
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