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Confinement Covid constructions, passion proof

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Confinement Covid constructions, passion proof

Postby revhed » Thu May 07, 2020 11:56 am

Had time like most so dug into gear not used for a while to see what could be done.
Was gifted my first Alu STRUT 13mm thick, and delamed SS space skate 1,500 cm2, so made Simple double wall alu fuse like on first KBHFs made YEARS ago. like 2009.
As Med sea beaches may not be open until end May and maybe even end June, cut Home made STRUT,12 mm thick, to 70 cm for etangs, ponds in English as some are waist deep.
Found SUPER stiff, even at only 11 mm STRUT Shaped from aerospace carbon shoot and cut to 78 cm providing in between length choice.
Still most pleased with KETOS Race profile STRUT, I could never make one that quality!
They are all being wet sanded and LEs and TEs made as good as I can.
Thinnest lightest board velcro release straps added for jumping.
Needs testing to see how much velcro strength needed to hold for missed jump receptions but will give way in extreme stress to avoind injury.
150x50x5 board modded to accept alu fuse and 1,500 F wing for ultralite wind. Fore and aft Foot hooks to hold in water start position
as board has volume and foil assembly HEAVY!
Also will be tested for new speed wing set up as will accept all STRUTS.
Front foot hook only board for Strong TRAM and the seldom waves we have.
Strapless board will be used the most sure.
All boards 100% carbon vac sacked, painted day glow yellow for obvious reasons.
All stabs have varying amounts of wing tip up sweep used to change input control reaction.
Stock KETOS fuse a work of art and when WAVE XL F wing paired with XS stab much fun to be had! Race profile STRUT as well!
Have strong feeling this will be most flown configuration.
As much as I enjoy building KBHFs I will never be able to compete with a company with SO MANY years of carbon fiber composite construction!
The glide on the ride is evident!
As with STRUTS all wings being wet sanded and fuse mating controlled.
I look forward to new to me "speed wing" far right as do enjoy a fast session when conditions allow, may need to make smaller thinner race stab.
Should be BIG fun testing and tuning all my reworked flying toys.
Just need the gov to set us free!
Any and all questions answered if known.

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Re: Confinement Covid constructions, passion proof

Postby windfreak74 » Fri May 08, 2020 11:10 pm

RH, you have been busy!!! congrats lots of time invested in building!

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