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SS Ghost kites

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Re: SS Ghost kites

Postby student » Tue Jun 23, 2020 1:18 am

I although use the SST 4m and 6m for foiling and was interested on how good the Ghost V1 is.
Can only judge the 10m on 20" bar on 20m lines. First launch backlines long (first knot) and depower lines shorter (2nd knot) as I use to fly my SST. Noticed that the Ghost V1 set up is better if back and front lines are connected at the same knot/length.
It was very impressive how steady the Ghost V1 stays up in the air at 11 and 1 in light wind. No staling at all.
Reverse relaunch is super easy. Even in windspeed under 10 kts.
Was riding on my 633/Onda.
The Ghost V1 turns very nice in the loop to waterstart. Sheetout if it generates too much power works great. But the Ghost V1 does not generate very much power when looping but enough to have fun.
Can't say anything about the range and how the kite behaves in stronger winds.
But as a lightwind kite it really does what it is meant for!!!
+ stays up in the air at very little wind
+ very easy relaunch

If riding on a smaller wing and / or being a heavier guy the 12m might be useful in less than 10 kts. But as suggested above from Peter it might be marginal due to more weight of the 12m. I would like to test the 12m to see how much more power it generates when looping for the waterstart to get the foil going.

Regarding your question if 10m or 12m... If more than 180 lbs I would go for the 12m for foiling.

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Re: SS Ghost kites

Postby purdyd » Tue Jun 23, 2020 2:58 am

Sizes 2, 4, 6, 8 etc.

Seems to me there should be another kite in the range from 2 to 6.

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Re: SS Ghost kites

Postby trod27 » Tue Jun 23, 2020 4:00 am

Update as I created this thread.

I own 6, 8 and now 10m v1
I ride in mountain winds ( gusty/holey/ challenging lakes) I ride strapless 37"KS with 683s. I am advanced to a point and weigh 180lbs. Came from SSTs (5,7.9.12)
I have rode the 8 in lots of different mountain winds. I like it. It has a ton of range. I barely ever get overpowered. I have rode it overpowered on purpose to test it. It has great low end and relaunches great. Have been experimenting with rear knots. Seems it turns better on second knot up.
I rode the 6m only once and loved it. Smaller seems better. Will be great in Gorge I hope. Plan to get a 4m for up there.
I was questioning getting a 10 or 12 for light wind. I went with 12 against better advice. Well I did not like it. It was to big and slow (peter you were right). Well I got lucky and traded it in for a 10m.
I really like the 10m. Not to big but has incredible light wind power. Everyone on the beach this weekend was amazed how I kept it in the air and how it relaunched in almost nothing. keeper for sure.
I played with rear knots and think it likes stock bottom knot

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