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Cabrinha Foil Problem

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Re: Cabrinha Foil Problem

Postby bragnouff » Wed Jun 24, 2020 5:11 am

I think you've got enough material with this thread to put pressure on Cabrinha. And they should own up their shit and provide you the lost parts, for free, or super discounted price or even second hand parts from their own stash.
Then you'd cut 10mm of your mast to get rid of the stripped shit, get some quality 316 stainless 60mm long bolts, retap the holes if needed and you're good to go. With a long enough bolt, you could get away with not cutting the mast, and just ignore stripped threads, provided you have lots of them under reach.

While helicoils work fine for wings to fuse, I don't think the helicoils would do the job for the fuse to mast. Don't they have a set depth? Something that would prevent your bolt to go past the helicoil and into the good thread further below?

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Re: Cabrinha Foil Problem

Postby revhed » Sat Jun 27, 2020 10:09 am

Clean threaded hole perfect with alcohol pure, acetone something to get threads super clean, ear cotton swap, tooth brush.
Using new screw, bolt with a touch of lube, count how many turns it will go in, do not force when going gets harder.
If you have at least 2x dia then should be good to go, but the more the better.
As for helicoils I would say no because the alignment of it will be hard to align with existing threads if bolt goes in that much.
I am anal and custom cut all my screws to 1,2 turns less than max.
My alu STRUT Has M8 top and bottom with more or less 3 cm of quality threaded, took some time and careful tap as was abused by former owner why was given to me.
Sand is your enemy when assembling, tefgel or some lube your friend.
Knowing how much force to tighten is handy as well, like just enough but not cranked! Checked before every session.

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