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learning to foil behind a boat

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Re: learning to foil behind a boat

Postby Whattheflock » Sun Jun 28, 2020 2:09 pm

At the time, my second time ever (first try under kite) on the foil behind the waverunner. hoverglide h5-18"mast simulator board. I think the second clip shows what happens when you give too much throttle.

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Re: learning to foil behind a boat

Postby wheat » Tue Jul 07, 2020 6:35 am

I like behind the boat for foil learning if you have one and don't get wind all the time.
Do all the drills!

start with your strong foot forward.
touch and go: on the surface to on foil and back to surface. learns balance front to back. Gives you a way to ride downwind if you are stuck upwind without pitchpoling.
Small quick turns, both heel and toe. Learn ball heel pressure so you can point upwind to limit power and downwind to stay on power/foil.
Big, deep strong turns are fun and show balance and can turn into a jibe.
long tacks to each side to work on good toe side position.
-> then do it all with again with your weak foot forward.

If you are falling too much before riding enough, do all these drills on a surfboard. The falls are less painful and body position is the same.

Duotone academy app and Rob's Progression videos are both excellent!

Wear helmet and pfd/impact vest
Have fun

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